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Perrin TMIC Install walkthrough with pics
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i just finished my install a couple hours ago. after reading all the horrors prior to the install i wanted to post my impressions and method.

-Remove 4 pop-screws from engine cover

-Throw cover aside

-Remove two bolts on turbo side

-LOOSEN two front bolts on green TMIC support bracket on manifold
-Remove one back support bracket bolt from TMIC
-Nudge support bracket out of the way and remove two recirc valve bolts
-Loosen large clamp on throttle body

-nudge the recirc valve and green bracket out of the way and wiggle the stock TMIC out

-WOW either the stock TMIC is small or the Perrin is BIG

-heres where you might want to put zip ties on the "Blue T" hoses to prevent possible blow off.

-coat your finger with a little assembly lube, oil, whatever and lube up the inside surface of the throttle body hose (large black one)

-install the provided o-ring into your new TMIC on the turbo side. shove the Perrin all the way into the throttle body hose and SLIGHTLY snug up the hose clamp.

-reinstall the recirc valve with its two bolts.

-so now the only two things connected to the new TMIC are flexible (this is important)

-wiggle the TMIC until you can get the turbo side bolts lined up and start them. BE CAREFUL, your threading into alluminum!! tighten about half way.

-hand tighten the back bolt on the green bracket to TMIC.

-start on the turbo side and tighten those two bolts about 2/3rds. tighten the green bracket bolts a little. alternate side to side now. you might have to push the TMIC over from the passenger side to get it to sit on the turbo. this is the side you want to mate first.

Youre done! only took you 30-45 minutes!
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