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Front End Squeak Only Over Small Bumps
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Alright, I have a bump related squeak in the front end that IS NOT speed dependent. I have h-techs on what were new OE struts a couple months ago. I had a progress FSB and Perrin endlinks(save your comments), but removed both and put the stock setup back on and there is no difference.

Here is the rundown of the symptoms:
I get no noise on a smooth road or around smooth corners.
It's an "eeek eeek" sound when driving at any speed and hitting small bumps.
It's comming mainly from the drivers side; however the passenger side tire's bounce can make the drivers side squeak.
It's the same at all speeds and only occurs over small bumps like manhole covers, potholes or cracks in the road.
It doesn't make the noise when I go over full size speed bumps or pull in driveways.
Turning the steering wheel has no effect and doesn't cause/lessen the squeak.
Brakes have no effect on squeak.
Makes squeak with car in any gear, in neutral, with the clutch in or out and engine speed has no effect.
Pressing the gas and letting off quickly will sometimes make it squeak as the car rocks back and forth.

I have swapped out the aftermarket FSB and endlinks back to the stock ones, greased the LCA bushings, reseated springs, swapped Perrin TMIC and BOV back to stock, swapped OE pitch stop mount to AP aluminum pitch stop, checked bolt in DP that mounts near tranny, greased RSB and checked endlinks for clearance, checked lug nuts, removed STI tranny mount and re-installed OE mount and I've greased everything I can touch.

Would this be a blown strut or maybe tweaked half-shaft? I've bottomed out pretty hard a couple times on the freeway at about 60mph. There is a bridge that popped up a little over the winter an the slabs sit up about 2"-3" up from the rest of the road and it's got a pretty hard sharp edge. I tagged it a couple different times in different lanes thinking maybe one lane would be better, but no such luck. I now take the exit before that bridge.

I will check the dustshield on the brakes and the brakes themselves. I will also try to get out and have the wife drive it while I drive next to it to see if I can nail down the location better. I jacked first gear a few weeks ago at the track, but this developed independent of that unless it is an axle shaft. Again, it's just an annoying squeak over every little bump in the road.
Any suggestions or further diagnostic questions would greatly appreciated.
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