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Originally Posted by CPTChaplin
I am new the gear ratio discussion. It seems to me that the gearing for the 05 GT 5EAT is more advantagous than the 5 MT of the same year. My wife wants the 5EAT (and with sport shifting for the occassional desired sprinting situations), I don't mind. Is there any big disadvantage from the gearing ratio on the 5EAT vs. 5 MT?

It looks to me like the 5EAT is geared a little taller. That means worse acceleration, but better fuel economy (Subarus are known to do this and have similar fuel economy in both MT and AT variants of the same car, with my car the AT was even rated slightly higher due to the gearing). Of course with an AT drivetrain power losses are more substantial which is another downside.

But if you and your wife are happy with the 5EAT, then go for it.