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Originally Posted by schwinghammer View Post
that was funny, no was

i've never been in a subaru that didn't have some kind of engine vibration that i DIDN't have in an inline 4. that includes my current legacy, my old legacy, my cousin's legacy, and the countless amount of subaru's i drove when i worked at a garage.

now, maybe a brandy-new subie doesn't shake....but give it time.
A properly tuned Sube H4 (and I have five - with about 400K miles between the bunch), will be buttery smooth. I mentioned the vacuum leak as a source of vibration/"cammed-engine" shake, because my 05 LGT was getting to the point where even my wife noticed it. Cause: Vacuum line below the intercooler was off. No engine, that I've owned (H4, I4, I6, V6, V8) would ever run smoothly with a vacuum leak. And you really notice it on an H4. Other sources of vibration on an H4 (and, again, this is based on personal experience) are bad spark plug, bad plug wire(s), failing coil pack, fouled plug wires, fouled coil pack connectors, bad ignitor, dirty throttle body, bad fuel, leaking head gasket, and jumped timing belt to name the few that come immediately to mind. Listen to the boxer burble - if it's not burbling, it's not happy.
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