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Originally Posted by pitks View Post
My story:

P0301 and P0302 on idle (760rpm) from time to time.

1. Replaced coil - the same codes came back
2. Replaced spark plugs wire - no difference
3. Replaced all 4 spark plugs - no difference
4. Flushed injectors - only P0302 came
5. Replaced injectors - nothing for a 1.5 week. Today - P0302 back :-(

What is next ????
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Check all your hoses everywhere. Make sure they are on solid and are not leaking. It could be a vacuum leak. An easy way to test for it is to have a can of starter fluid and start spraying near the hoses to see if you can find a leak. If the engine rev's while your spraying it somewhere then you have a leak or the hose isnt on properly.

Hopefully that'll fix you up. If not, other people may have ideas
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