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Well,I took my car into the dealership with similar symptoms, they couldn't diagnose the problems so they went to the normal dumbass SOA protocal and started throwing parts at it, first new wiring (they thought it was a wiring problem) Turns out a gear was broken off the into the pan..they didn't figure this out until about 2 months after having the car, and none of this was covered under warranty becausue of my mods. Turns out that this was all started by the speed sensor..So you best fix that! So about 3500 later i had a fixd LGT that ran amazing with a new tranny...after the frustration of the whole ordeal i decided that I had my fun with car and said goodbye to it and got a white 07 accord EXL and love it..This car will outlive the LGT anyday..and plus i cant complain about the 240 HP V6 I tried to fight my side of the story saying that the speed sensor could not have failed do to any of my mods to the car but of course they stuck the story and got their way. Moral of the story F U SOA!!!

Of course i beat the complete shit out of the car before i traded it in.....3k launches in a new tranny FTW

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