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Whoops, sorry guys! I got a bit distracted yesterday and wasn't able to make it back to the shop to upload the pics.

On the Spec B, the front stays a bit higher than on a normal LGT because of the front strut tops. On the wagon, the wheel well gaps are nice and even and it dropped maybe 25-30 mm. I'd expect 25mm on an LGT sedan and even wheel well gaps. On the Spec B here, the front appears to stay about 1/4" to 1/2" higher because of those strut tops. So..... if you have a normal LGT and are running the Spec B front strut tops (so you could use the Bilstein struts) you can expect it to look exactly like this. If you have a normal LGT and are using your OEM struts or doing Koni inserts, you can expect the rear to look just like this Spec B and the front to look exactly like the wagon.

After these are on the car for another week or so I'll try to get another picture of it, or maybe Ratcoon can post one, just in case the strut tops or springs settle a little bit. The wagon seemed to even out in its drop just a little bit after they had been on for a week-ish. Sometimes where the spring ends on the rubber part of the strut top is different and it takes a few days for the rubber to compress into shape.

Here are the pics!...

They feel good on the car!!! The ride is definitely tighter than on the wagon thanks to the Bilsteins. There is very little body roll and the car feels pretty nicely balanced. I'd still add a rear sway so you can play with the balance a little but otherwise it feels very good. These will definitely be great springs for Spec B owners who want a slightly cleaner look and better performance without lowering their car so much that they have to ricer angle over speed bumps and when going into driveways and whatnot. These are great springs for LGT wagon and sedan owners who want a nice, clean drop that again, isn't so low that you have to worry about scraping all of the time and, with the stock struts, maintain a ride quality (NVH) that is absolutely as good as the OEM setup. And for the LGT wagon & sedan owners who want more performance out of them, the addition of upgraded struts like the Konis and a rear sway bar will go a VERY far way to making the car handle spectacularly

I think we're going to go ahead and start production on these bad boys. I'm very happy with their fitment, drop, ride quality, and performance. I think they've met the balance between drop, performance, and ride that a lot of the LGT crowd is looking for.

Since they take 12 weeks from the time we have Germany start production until they arrive here, I think we might do a group buy kind of a thing with graduated discount levels depending on how many people order them. Like 1-10, $275, 10-20 $255, etc kind of a thing (those might not be the numbers... just throwing it out there as an example )...