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Originally Posted by OCDetails View Post
I think what also has to be remembered is that when you scratch something and actually remove mass from whatever got scratched, that sort of thing isn't just going to wipe off. You can't drag a screwdriver across your kitchen table and then expect to get a bottle of pledge and wipe it out. lol If you have gouges in parts of your car then it is quite possible that you are going to have to live with them. I don't know what the plastic stuff around the front of the seats are made of, but I had irreperable damage to those after a very short time. I don't know what I whacked them with, but it was enough to put some 'scuffs' in it that weren't coming out no matter what I used. Sometimes all you can do is clean the dirt out of the scrape and live with the damage.
That's what I was afraid of. Definitely know about removing the mass -- just like a shallow scratch to paint. That's why I was wondering if anyone had tried an abrasive polish against it. That silly plastic trim seems to have a very thick clear outer portion that's very very soft. I may try a very mild abrasive and see if I can't polish those scratches out of it, since it's not a textured finish.

The door panels are another story -- due to the texture on them, short of polishing the texture out of the whole door panel, I suspect I'm hosed. I wouldn't think just shoe scuffing would actually remove significant mass, so maybe it's just an optical illusion making it look that way and cleaning is all it needs. We shall see!