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Compilation of cheap and/or free Legacy Mods
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Hey thought it would be a cool idea to start a compilation of cheap and/or free mods that can be done to our cars for those looking to tinker but lacking the budget for buying stuff to put on their car.

Right now starting with a list. People can post ones i haven't thought of or listed and any pictures and/or links to threads related to said mods would be great. Will eventually compile pics and links for all mods I can would be a great little resource for us with minimal expendable income or just a fan of DIY mods...

Remove 3rd brake light bulb on cars with spoilers

(read post #7)

Disable Seatbelt Chime

- Seatbelt clicking method
- Unplugging driver seat sensor plug
- Buckle hack method

grounding nav/dvd screen to use in motion

(super thread on nav/dvd hacking)
(writeup on in motion enable)

DIY front lip (have to buy garage door trim)

Replacing Seat heater backlights


Tucked Exhaust mod

Cleaning Exhaust Tips

Gutting CAT in UP (up pipe ) &DP (down pipe)
Only 05 and 06 LGTs have a cat in the UP. the UP Cat only helps when car is cold so 07+ they got rid of it

(Gutting UP)
(Gutting DP)

Grill (modifying stock)

(walk through with pics)
(another by BDII)
(2008 grill by dmross)

Front Bumper Mesh

(Walk Through with pics)

TMIC (Top Mount Intercooler) mesh protection

DIY open induction cover (for air intake)

Trunk Vent for better subwoofer sound

DIY Short Throw Shifter (STS)

Disable DRL (daytime running lights)

- Make fog lights run as DRL -

Blacking Out Headlights

Clearing Headlights (removing amber in corners)

Fully independent fog lights

Rear Tail Light Mod

Brighter tail lights

Unlock all doors one click (hack)

Gas Cap Mod (so cap doesnt scratch paint)

Flush mount for Escort Radar Smart Cord

4/5 EAT
5/6 MT

Map lights come on with dome lights

Cheap AP (Access Port) dash mounting

Cabin Air Filter


- Debadging trunk (excluding scoobie oval)

- New colored Subaru Star Badge

Removing Pin striping installed by dealers

Remove Cabin AC (smelly feet) smell

Jazzy Aux-in Mod for 05/06 radios

Turn on/off red gauge rings and/or gauge sweep

Changing your Oil (not really a MOD but good thing to DIY and save money...

Custom Badging and De-Badging

Painting stock wheels

DIY grilles - paint, mesh

Im sure theres a bunch more feel free to contribute i will continue to update the top post here with links pics etc..

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