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Just a story of drama about my Spec saying the product is far am happy with how it works. Customer service on the other hand...well read for yourself:

Posted by guys from my shop:

We opened an account with Spec as a customer with a Subaru Legacy had requested a clutch through them.
That cost US Thousands of Dollars in labor for THEIR Manufacturer Defects, and more importantly, cost our customer his vehicle for 2 weeks. We were told the reason a clutch we installed was not working properly was because we most likely did not install it correctly because "we were sent the correct parts". We explained to the guys at spec we have done clutches in some of the craziest vehicles ever, and we had installed and removed this one 5 times and it would not engage properly. He told us, that did not mean too much to them as they had seen mechanics with the highest accreditations could not perform a simple job. (He said it nicely though)
It took a week and a half for Spec to agree to LET US PAY to send this clutch back. They even asked us to measure it before it left, and we said ok:
__________________________________________________ ________________
The Pressure Plate to Ring Gear
Stock 23.23
Spec 21.96

Thickness of Flywheel
Stock: 44.86
Spec: 40.86

Pressure Plate Friction Surface:
Stock: 13.3
Spec: 11
I believe these are the measurements you need.
Please let me know.

(Remember this part of the convo as it comes in to play later)
__________________________________________________ _____________
Turned out we were sent the correct parts, but they were defective.
After OVERNIGHTING it for $100 we were told 2 days AFTER it was recieved that "One of the rivets was contacting the plate which caused it not to release. That being said, it is fine and thus ready to roll". We requested it to be sent overnight AGAIN to have our customer taken care of as fast as possible.
Spec shipped it Ground...and we were ONLY Notified after we realized we STILL hadnt recieved it and called them to find out what was up.
They cancelled that one and shipped another one overnight.
After appologizing they emailed:
"I will send another kit to you today, via UPS NDA. This will get the parts to you tomorrow for installation as planned."
THEN...looking at our Credit Card Statement...SPEC CHARGED US TO SHIP IT BACK OVERNIGHT and DID NOT TELL US!!!!!!!!!!
They then credited us back after leaving me on hold for 30 minutes and after i flipped out on them

We recieved it 2 days later and "whoops" it comes with the incorrect Bearing.
We explained this in an email to Spec and said, you sent the wrong bearing... we were told by our salesman "I didn’t personally send it…it goes through production."
Good answer right?
So we already ordered a new bearing at that time as we realized we could not count on them for anything.
Our customer called spec to complain to them about their service as i had shown him all the emails and called him every day to update him. Spec then basically lied to him, and said it was something we had done, and he told our customer we said "the measurments on the clutches were not the same" and thats what we were focusing on and complaining about the whole time, thats why they didnt authorize an immediate return on the clutch, Which of course was a load.
They then asked him what he wanted to "Make up" for the issue. He then said, how about you credit me back some money towards my flywheel. They told him he would not be getting ANYTHING for free and that if he wanted a spec product in the future they would give him some form of the discount.
We did not bill our customer for ANYTHING more than a simple clutch install. When we relayed that to Spec they said "wow i am suprised, most places would charge him at LEAST Storage fees"
Guess your outlook on customer service varies form company to company.
To be fair: We also put a Spec clutch (Which had already been ordered before this all took place) in a RSX and it was fine.

We have been around for many years, and by far have crowned Spec as one of the WORST companies we have ever dealt with. I have 18 Pages of emails from us to them documenting this situation and their responses as does our customer.
Lastly, this story is not about how good or bad a product is. It is about the customer support you get AFTER the sale. Many times you will find this is JUST as important as the quality of the product you are purchasing. We pride our selves on offering the best customer service to our customers and in a case like this, it cost us a couple thousand dollars to make our customer happy, And we learned a valuable lesson of what NOT to sell.
This is our experience with this company and is not intended to bash or to harm a company, it is simple as our experience put out there for others to make their own decisions.
If you have any other questions or you are curious what we might have for your application please be sure to let us know.
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