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Originally Posted by chucktoo
Deadbolt is about as honest and fair as they come - Jerry prides himself on customer service.

There is a lot of conjecture as to what his 18g turbo will and won't do but no dyno and boost curves that I know of have been posted.

Maybe Jerry can get one of his customer to publish his data.

I have one of his turbos but because of ECUtek total inabilty to control boost on my Outback I never make more than 16psi boost. I have every reason totally flame ECUtek but will give them one last chance to make my car work - it has only been since last Novemebr since my car was reflashed and it has never worked right. I wish their customer service was 1% as good as Deadbolt's.

Do not use ECUtek on Outback's under any condition you are wasting your money.

Hmm damn man they kicked ass for my leg wagon.. they had me a new firmware hacked out for my cpu since it was a newer model then what they had.

What is so diff about the outback?