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No More Stripped Turbo to TMIC Threads
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As anyone with a TMIC knows, especially those with WI, you have to take it off now and then. But even the first time it is installed it can be a hassle and according to the occasional post too many people either cross-thread or strip the threads on the turbo trying to get the TMIC attached.

It is almost always a pain. My procedure is to first insert the TMIC's throttle body exit into the TB boot, fully, and tighten it down securely. Next the TMIC must be levered into position so that, normally, the bolts that attach it to the turbo can be inserted through the TMIC and into the turbo's flange bolt holes. This has always been difficult, involving straining to hold the TMIC while gently trying to screw the bolt into the soft aluminum turbo flange without damaging the threads. I've done it many times, thankfully never ruining the threads but always close to it.

Not long ago while reading a thread in which stripped turbo bolt threads were mentioned I posted that I was going to change to studs when I installed my AVO380. This is what I ended up doing:

I got two bolts about 1 1/2 inch long, cut the heads off and reshaped the cut end so the threads were good. I got two lock-nuts and two regular nuts for the remaining, headless, bolts. I then threaded the cut end through the turbo bolt hole to a depth of 7/8 inch above the turbo, threaded the lock-nut onto the bottom and tightened it down (using the standard two nuts threaded together up top to hold the bolt/stud), and repeated for the other bolt hole.

At first I thought I'd thread the two bolts up through the turbo flange, but there was not enough clearance to do that. Then I figured I'd just get a couple of studs, and did, but I didn't feel they were as strong as having a nice nut underneath making SURE it wouldn't ever be pulled out (there is some thread clearance and it makes a bolt kind of 'loose.' The end result I described is perfect. Oh, and that gasket supplied by AVO with the turbo was a perfect addition to the Perrin's stock O-ring.

This modification made reinstalling my Perrin TMIC soooooo much easier it was amazing. I just pulled the TMIC over and onto the two projecting studs, pushed it down enough to get the nuts started, and tightened it down. Voila! Everyone should do it. In fact, turbos should come with similar hardware and instructions.
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