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ATTN: New Members! Look here first.
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First off.... Welcome to the forum!!!

I'm sure you signed up for this site because you have a million questions or you just want to meet some fellow Subaru Legacy owners.

This thread is for both of you!

PLEASE read through this thread prior to posting a new thread or asking any questions.

I have tried to compile as much information as possible into this, I am sure I am forgetting something.


Topic #1


99% of what you need/want to know can be found by using the sites SEARCH function. It is quite easy to use and is a wealth of knowledge.

1. At the top of your screen you have a tool bar. ALL the way to the right you will find a link that says "SEARCH"
2. Click that button and it will drop down.
3. Type in what you are looking for and hit "go"
4. This will bring up all of the threads that contain your search word.
(for example: if you search for "exhaust" all threads containing that word will propagate on your screen, in order of the last post made in the thread)
5. Search through the thread titles and and find a thread that seems appropriate.
6. Open that thread, hit search again. In the top right you will find a search by user, and top left, a search by post. You can use these options to find just posts, or threads, or individual member posts.
7. Bottom left you will find options to search by threads by # of posts, Posts by date, posts by user name, title, revelancy, # of replies, # of views, thread start date, Last posting date and forum.
8. A much easier way to search for the word "Exhaust" would be to enter the Advanced search box, select the forum in the bottom right "intakes and exhaust" select in the top right "search by entire post" enter "exhaust" in the key word box and hit "search now" at the bottom.


If you search a word that is 2 letters or shorter, For example AP = Access port, you will be unable to search for that because it has less than 3 letters

If you must search for a word or acronym that is 2 letters or shorter enter in ****
to make the word at least 4 letters for example AP = AP**

This will continue your search.

You can only search once every 15 seconds. If you search more than that, you will get this message: This forum requires that you wait 15 seconds between searches. Please try again in 7 seconds.

You can also use google to search the forum!!

Just type in what your searching for followed by


Ok, lets say you found the exhaust part you were looking for. Lets say it's a Catted Down Pipe. Now you have to decide which Down Pipe to buy.

This is where the REVIEW section comes in!

Same scroll bar the the Search button is in at the top of your screen you will find over on the left a review button. Click it.
This is a GOLD MINE of information

1. Find the type of product you are looking for. In our case, we are looking for down pipes. Down pipes fall under the first catagory "Turbo Powertrains".
2. Click the button that says "downpipes"
3. BAM! you have reviews of 12 different downpipes.
Pretty easy so far huh?

PART # 3

ok.... so you have decided which downpipe you want! Now you have to choose a vendor!

Allthough there are hundreds of vendors out there, I would HIGHLY recommend using a paying site vendor. The vendors who advertise on this site are approved by the site managment and are "usually" in good standing.
Be cautious of using vendors that do not advertise on this site as their products may be cheap knock offs.

To see a full list of vendors follow these instructions.

1. In your tool bar, select the button for "VENDORS"
2. This will propagate a list of the sites vendors.
3. This also gives you a vendors contact info and website link.

To see what specials and products a vendor may offer, Tide the site admin has created a vendor forum.

To get to this section first, log in, then follow these instructions.

1. From the main site page hit the button on your tool bar that says "FORUMS"
2. Scroll down 6 forums and you will find a section titled "Vendor Specific Forums"
3. Note: not all of the site vendors are listed here.
4. Enter the particular vendors forum that you are interested in and review their specials.

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