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how to fit Brembo + R180 rear end on BP/BP + BE
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so BE and BP are same, and both do come OEM with brembo and R180 rear end in japan...

im thinking if i buy the entire rear X member from a 2004 sti it will give me:

r180 diff and impreza length axels (may or may not be proper length for legacy). oem r180 is avail in 4.44, 3.90, 3.54 and we can fit any of those gearboxes in our legacy

r180 hubs for impreza will NOT fit on multilink rear. BUT i had the idea of:

dissasemble R180 impreza hub, use the backing plate for R180 size e-brake AND direct bolt on brembo, and then re-assemble with spline holder assembly of impreza instead of legacy - this will make our multi-link hubs R180 axel diameter (bigger than r160 axel)

JDM BP/BE s401 r180 6mt driveshaft can be fitted with a 6mt, OR we can use a 5mt impreza driveshaft (it should be shorter than BP/BE driveshaft to accomidate extra length 6mt) and then re-drill R180 diff imput flange to fit or swap to r160 imput flange.

anyone have diagrams of BP or BE hubs?
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