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Originally Posted by caramall2 View Post
Still offering the service?

- Does coating decrease bay temps, but decrease turbo life?

- If a stock turbo has been sitting on the shelf for a while (a year or two), is that bad for it? (E.g. Will the one with 10k miles but sitting on the shelf for 2 years be in better shape than the currently installed one with 35k?) I'd like to send you the shelved one, then have it installed by the dealer along with the MR headers I have sitting in the garage. Add in a mid/y (and maybe cans), and I'm done with power mods (I know, what everyone says).

- Kind of off topic, but is wastegate flutter usually caused by a weak spring, or can there be deposits, etc, that build up and prevent the gate from seating properly (I have no idea, but I do have flutter I think...sometimes goes away for a while)?

Yes, we're still keeping busy w/ the turbo P&P&C, although there's room for more

The coating does decrease underhood temps. I wouldn't say that it increases turbo life but it absolutely will not negatively affect turbo life. It does protect the turbine from rusting and can protect if from cracking due to heat cycling also... but we wouldn't claim increased life. It does not make the turbo's life harder in any way, so it will not decrease life. It does not subject the turbo to higher temps (the opposite, in fact) or anything like that. It should last as long, if not longer...

Sitting on the shelf is fine. Just spin it and make sure it spins freely. The cartridge is decently sealed and everything in there should still be coated with oil so it should be fine unless you're in a horrible environment in which it would be really likely to rust...

Normally if the wg is fluttering really badly you could fix it by tightening up the spring and/or with tuning. There really shouldn't be deposits there but even if it can't seal properly for whatever reason, that shouldn't cause it to flutter...