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#1: 06-06-2007, 11:18 PM
Can't Shift Out of Park
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Ok, you know that safety lock that keeps you from shifting out of park without pressing down the brakes first? Mine's gone haywire! I mean, the car runs fine, but won't let me shift out of park. Seems to get worse in cold weather, but sometimes does it on hot days too. Today I waited 15 mins before the thing finally released. I took it to the mechanic and he said "I can't diagnose it unless it's acting up right now." But obviously when it's acting up I can't get it to the mechanics, cause it won't move. He also said to listen for a click while pressing slowly on the brakes... so I did, but I didn't hear any click. If I just knew where this safety-lock-thingy is, I'd fix it myself. Probably just full of dirt or something, right? Or couldn't I just disable the darn thing? It's a '94 by the way.
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