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[QUOTE]At least break-in the car for 1000 miles, before you start modding. Start with the usual USDM bolt-on stuff if you aren't sure about how much you want to push. You might be satisfied and stop there. If you aren't then consider the twin-scroll. By itself the twin-scroll doesn't make a ton more power, just allows you to have better spool-up while still increasing power potential. You can get great spool-up on an uprated standard turbo if you select your parts carefully and do some port work on the manifolds, head and turbo.[QUOTE]

I don't know if I agree...
First, If you are planning a twin spool set up, why spend money on aftermarket UP/DP that wont work with the Twinspool?
Why not add the Twin Spool set up, then Modd to aftermarket Twin spool UP/DP and Equal length Manifold!
For me, IM trying to decide on wich path to choose...
Either go with the AP, and aftermarket UP/DP.
Or A twin spool set up (Turbo, UP/DP, bolth Manifolds, TMIC) and EcuTek with a custom tune.
One thing is for sure... IM not doing them bolth.
And port work on Everything is more work than bolting on the twin scroll set up.