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Rx330 OEM conversion for Full OEM HID's Write-up
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So as many of you have been adding HID kits into our stock headlights as I did I finally decided to pull the trigger on a retro. The retro that is the easiest and by far probably *imo* the best for its price is the Rx330 swap.

So in doing so I took many pictures but choose a few to post up here to help any of you that may be thinking about doing this aswell. All I can say is that this is definently 100% better then the stock projector's put out. The pictures do not do any justice to the quality of light that is spread evenly.

So first things first you'll want to obtain the parts needed for this setup which are as follows:

- Rx330 non-afs projectors
- D2s Bulbs (I have the Phillips 5000k 85122+, they are pure white but if you want color I'd go with some Osram 66040's(stock BMW bulbs))
- D2s HID Ballast's

Now you'll need to know how to take your headlights apart and you can find out how if you don't know allready in the clearing your headlights thread.

Ok first things first here's some of the parts I got for my setup.

Once you get your headlights you'll be doing this to them.

Now here's the stock headlamp with a hid kit installed.

And here's the stock Rx330's before all the swapping.

Some comparison shots of the 2 projector bowls.

And some Lens holder comparisons.

Here's me screwing around after an hour of work or so allready.

Now for those of you that want to do the washer mod here's a shot that will explain a little bit better of where you want to install your washer's (#6 washer's)
Also for those that will be doing the Rx330 swap you'll need to grind down the nipples on the bowl of the Rx330 which I have circled what they look like.

Here's the completed swap done before you screw it back into the headlight housings.

NOTE: Test out your washer mod and see if you like the pattern and color before you put the lamps fully back together. You may do this by simply putting the builb in the projector and pointing it towards a wall to see what it currently is at. Its trial and error as far as decided how many washers you prefer so testing is essential before you reassemble the projectors back into the housings.

Now here's the picture I'm sure EVERYONE!!!will want to save off for future reference for HORIZONTAL AIMING of the headlights.

Now here is some comparison pictures of the 2 outputs stock vs Rx330.

As you can see the Rx330's spread way better and project further then the stock setup ever is capable of.

I hope this was a help to some of you guys and if you need to know how to aim your headlights you can check out my other thread on aiming headlights in the exterior section of the forums sticky'd at the top or you can look at some of my other topics.

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