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Originally Posted by KTM 525
If you were to get in an ice cold car in the morning lets say it was 25 degrees all night and start the car set it to auto and 65 degrees it would not blow warm air (even after the engine is up to running temp) to heat the car to 65 degrees? Same senario but in the summer you get in the car after it has baked in the sun with the windows up all day in 100 degree heat. Start it up set it to auto and 85 degrees the AC would not come on to cool the car to 85 degrees?
You will still cool at 85, assuming 85 is lower than the cabin temperature. However, it won't be very cool! 85 is "Max heat".

In contrast, 65 is "no heat". It won't heat for beans, though it may have some carryover heating from the engine (the intakes are at the base of the windshield).