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fishbone 03-24-2008 05:13 PM

Sport light blinking
Last Friday night I was driving around town and I had the 5EAT in manual mode. I was fiddling with my iPod and rode 2nd out, then as I go to shift the car shifts by itself. I look and I realize it's gone in full auto with Sport flashing. It would not go in manual mode. I park, shut the car off, turn it on, everything is fine.

Today I am driving back home from work and I am in full auto, same thing, Sport flashing. This time though I can shift with the steering wheel buttons just fine. I parked it, disconnected the battery for 10 minutes and reconnected it. No CEL or cruise flashing, just the damn Sport.

Car is a 2005 Legacy GT with 53k miles, so I'm creeping up on the 60k warranty ;) Only mod is Cobb Stage 1 with the AP.

I will keep you guys posted, if it does it again I am unmarrying my AP and going to the dealer. Anyone else had this problem? Searched the board but the results that came up were Sport WITH CELs and such. What do you guys think it is?

underpowerd 03-25-2008 12:40 PM

twice would leave me concerned. search revealed one guy with just 'sport flashing' that ended up having a more minor prob. i say get it in before 60 with the code JIC.
best luck, fb

fishbone 03-25-2008 01:42 PM

What do you mean by code? Since the CEL isn't on, would there be a code to be read in the first place?

2furious 03-25-2008 02:29 PM

If you search "sport blinking" you can read my thread... But no answer..
However, I got an answer.
I had same problem... "SPORT" is blinking... I brought the car to dealer but they couln't figure it out because when it is not blinking everything is normal... One day, finally I got blinking and drove to dealer... They figured it out.... The speed sensor on the trany didn't get the correct signal and it was replaced by the warranty. Then, it never happen again...
When it is blinking, go to dealer then, they will find out... I can check the repair record to see what the exact part was..
Good luck...
FYI, it happened first time more than a year ago and it is getting worse... My first was at around 18k and I fixed when it is 40k.

When it just started blinking, I also couldn't shift by manual then several minutes later, I could shift by knob or hanlde button.
It happened usually at the 1st gear and I think the tranny was confused whether shift to 2nd or not then I got the BLINKING. The other common occasion was in the highway speed. When down shifting to 4th and WOT, I got the blinking.. Of course, I couln't shift by manual for several minutes...
Then, turn off the car and back on, everything is okay...

fishbone 03-25-2008 02:42 PM

That seems to make sense, because I remember the first night it did it, when it shifted to 2nd it felt like I just hit a foot deep pothole. Funny this should happen to me, as I don't even drive aggressively.

How much should I worry about Stage 1? Do I really have to unmarry the damn thing? I hate doing it. I should be alright to at least take it in and have it diagnosed, right? As soon as that light is blinking, I will take it in, Stage 1 or not, to have it diagnosed. Then, for actual repairs, I will unmarry it. I just want it documented somewhere that I started having this problem prior to the 60k limit so that I am still covered. I know that on my older Nissan one of my struts started clunking at 32k miles and at 36.500 it blew on me. Because I had it documented they replaced it under warranty.

fishbone 04-10-2008 02:23 PM

Well, just got back from the dealer, as the car did the same thing again today. What happened was, in Drive, I rolled from a red light, the car didn't shift to 2nd until about 3400rpm [I didn't load the car, I just rolled], shifted into second, Sport started flashing and then banged into 3rd. After that, it shifted just fine, manual mode worked too.
I got to the dealer, the tech hooked up his Toughbook and the error code that came up was

P1706 AT Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction (rear wheel)

He said there was a TCM version update that would fix P1799 and P0771 and he said we should go ahead with the flash and hope it would take care of my problem too. I looked them up:
P1799 Interlock
P0771 AT Low Clutch Timing Solenoid Valve Circuit Malfunction

Just so we are clear, I did not have these codes, but the new firmware was supposed to, amongst other things, clear these two and the tech hoped it would also clear the code I was having, P1706
He also told me there was a new version of the ECU software but I am Stage 1 so told him to not touch it because I didn't have time [lol]. Well, he comes back half hour later and says "all done, the TCM has been flashed and I also looked at your ECU". I thought to my self oh crap. Then he says " well, looked like it was the latest version so I didn't have to flash it". O ... kay. So the Cobb map is "smart" enough to "lie" at first glance and show it's a current stock map? He definitely didn't flash it, the car acts the same and he wouldn't have had time. I will confirm it when I get home.
For those of you, I think there are two users on this board, that had this very problem, can you tell me what turned out to be?

2furious, did your dealer say anything about your TCU? Was it up to date?

What kinda upsets me is that they charged me for labor, the tech said he tried to cover it under warranty but couldn't. There's going to be a shitstorm if they try to charge me for the sensor, if that's what it turns out to be. Part of me is inclined to take it back in a week, problem or not, just to be 100% sure.

SeeeeeYa 04-11-2008 06:53 AM

When Sport started flashing on me it was the beginning of the end of my 5EAT :(. There were no readable codes available to me as the codes set were TCU codes. Disconnecting the battery or resetting the ECU has no effect on the TCU. The second time it happened there was no mystery, 5th slipped. The next day 4th went. The rest is IPT history.

I hope this is not your issue, and shouldn't be with your level of mods.

2furious 04-11-2008 07:44 AM

Dealer didn't say about the TCU and actually, I didn't have any code except the last time I was at dealer. I checked code when it's blinking with AP.
How come they charged you? It should be covered by the power train warranty..

fishbone 04-11-2008 08:46 AM

SeeeeYa, yeah, I really hope that's not the case. I'll try today to put it in 5 and punch it at 30-40mph and see if it slips or something. The shifts are nice and crisp.

2furious, you know ... I have no idea why they charged me. I am going to call them and ask again why that is and also ask if the sensor turns out to be the issue at past 60k miles, will it still be covered since we opened the ticket on it now still under warranty.

fishbone 04-11-2008 08:53 AM

Well, I just got off the phone with the dealer. They said that the best way to describe it was that the powertrain warranty basically involves actual mechanical parts. Gears, differentials, drive shafts, etc. and the reflash and even the sensor would not be covered by the 60K warranty, but the 3-year 36K.
I have doubts about this although it kinda makes sense. Who should I call next?

fishbone 04-11-2008 09:32 AM

Me again, I looked on the Subaru website and the 2005 powertrain warranty states

Powertrain Limited Warranty
Powertrain coverage for all models is five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. It covers the major powertrain components listed below:*

Engine block and all internal parts
Cylinder heads and valve train
Oil pump, oil pan
Timing belts or gears and covers
Water pump
Intake manifold
Oil seals and gaskets
Turbocharger Assembly
Transaxle case and internal parts
Transaxle seals and gaskets
Axle shafts and constant velocity joints (except boots)**
Torque converter
Electronic transmission control unit
Transaxle seals and gaskets
Propeller shaft
Wheel bearings

Transaxle case and internal parts is mentioned. Is the sensor inside or outside, I wonder?

automaticsti 04-11-2008 04:52 PM

Well,I took my car into the dealership with similar symptoms, they couldn't diagnose the problems so they went to the normal dumbass SOA protocal and started throwing parts at it, first new wiring (they thought it was a wiring problem) Turns out a gear was broken off the into the pan..they didn't figure this out until about 2 months after having the car, and none of this was covered under warranty becausue of my mods. Turns out that this was all started by the speed sensor..So you best fix that! So about 3500 later i had a fixd LGT that ran amazing with a new tranny...after the frustration of the whole ordeal i decided that I had my fun with car and said goodbye to it and got a white 07 accord EXL and love it..This car will outlive the LGT anyday..and plus i cant complain about the 240 HP V6 :) I tried to fight my side of the story saying that the speed sensor could not have failed do to any of my mods to the car but of course they stuck the story and got their way. Moral of the story F U SOA!!!

Of course i beat the complete shit out of the car before i traded it in.....3k launches in a new tranny FTW :)

fishbone 04-11-2008 06:33 PM

Yowza, a gear got broken because of the damn sensor? What kind of gear, in the rear diff or in the transmission?

AKLGT 04-11-2008 08:33 PM

This happens to me every time I go to the drag strip. If in manual mode and you hit the rev limiter, the sport shift light will blink. I just restart the engine and it goes away.

fishbone 04-13-2008 07:55 PM

In my case though I haven't banged the rev limiter at all when the light came on :(
Well, I will keep you guys posted on this if the light comes back on. All fluids are within normal limits and look nice and clean.

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