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Crucial Racing 11-05-2007 02:52 PM

Thermostats on sale for winter months! $15 off :-)
Coolsafe Thermostat SALE!

Price drop for the cooler weather months :dm: :orly:

Coolsafe Thermostats in stock!!! $15 off normal prices.

^^^ purchase through the site there, or with PayPal HERE

Radiator Caps and Summer Cooling Kits are still going strong into the fall!


Bigkahuna808 11-05-2007 03:28 PM

ohhh I need to get one.

Crucial Racing 11-05-2007 03:29 PM

Sweet our e-mail notifications when people post in threads are working!!! :D

I'm so happy :p

Bigkahuna808 07-21-2008 01:06 AM

how do I install this? DO I gave to drain all my fliuid?

Crucial Racing 07-21-2008 04:52 PM

Yes, you have to drain all of it. The thermostat is on the very bottom of the engine so taking it out means that 100% of the coolant will be coming out of the radiator and the block as well. This is good though, as we don't suggest a normal 50/50 ratio with it. For best efficiency, we usually suggest running 25-33% coolant, 75-66% distilled water, and some Redline Water Wetter (or equivalent).

Here's a link to a DIY that I typed up back when I purchased my Coolsafe T-Stat a few years ago (you'll need to be signed in to view the pictures):


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