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BIU 08-30-2007 06:12 PM

Official UP/DOWN thread?
Sorry guys i've done alot of searching and alot of reading but I'm still uncertain....

It would be nice if everyone could discuss/review their stage 2 parts in on thread so that people can read it all in one thread further down the road?

Im new to modding turbo cars so i still have ALOT to learn... i just got my AP and am looking at stage 2 parts which i will purchase in the next month or so...

It would be nice if you guys can share your experiences with diff products...


1) Which brand is best ( i know its a broad statement but quality vs price etc...)

2) Flex or no flex?

3) Need for studs? Gaskets?

4) Best diameter? 1.75"? 2"?

5) Need for anti-seeze lube?

6) Retainment of heatshield?

7) Need for resister?


1) Which brand is best ( Again i know its a broad statement but quality vs price etc...)

2) Full length vs shorty?

3) Studs? Gaskets?

Feel free to chime in with any knowledge that you might have... it would be very helpful to many members and ppl like me....

Maybe this could turn into a sticky if theres enough info?

BIU 08-31-2007 05:53 PM

Noone wants to help out?

It'll beat having 45 threads of similar topics?

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