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Crucial Racing 01-23-2007 04:33 PM

Crucial Racing Turbocharger port, polish, and coat services are on! and REALLY nice!
Please E-Mail ( ) if you have a turbo you would like done! We'll get you the shipping details and whatnot in response.

We're ready to roll out our Crucial Racing Systems turbocharger services in full force! We've been doing it on an as-asked basis for a while, and it's time to take it to the next level.

What we offer is a full port, polish, and thermal coat of both sides of the turbo. Each side gets ported by a true master, who has been doing this for ~ 36 years. He ports with the intention of improving the efficiency of the turbo, and does nothing just for aesthetics. He is capable of actually porting up inside of the 'snail' where much of the largest improvements to the turbo's efficiency come from.

After the porting is done, the turbine housing (exhaust side) gets thermal barrier coated as per our process HERE. This keeps the heat inside of the exhaust gas where it belongs, keeping energy and velocity high and improving turbo spool and response. Also, it significantly lowers the amount of heat radiated by the turbine and this drops underhood temperatures. The compressor housing is then thermal dispersant coated. This unique coating improves a metal's ability to radiate heat into the air around it (also very popular on intercoolers, radiators, oil pans, brake calipers, cylinder heads, etc). The compressor housing stays cooler because of this coating, and outlet temperatures drop. Lower outlet temps means less work for your intercooler and cooler air entering the engine. Efficiency of the turbo -- on both sides -- is further enhanced with these professional and very functional coatings. Plus.... they come out jet black and dead sexy :cool:

The gentleman who does the porting work charges $500 for this exact service for the various race teams and individuals that he does it for. Thanks to a special arrangement we have, we are able to offer the service to you for $300 to $325! The price spread is there because some turbos take longer than others and some arrive in better condition (rust, etc) than others. The only extra cost is return shipping to you.

Turn around is ~ two weeks from arrival of the turbo here to when we ship it back out.

Here are some pictures of various finished turbos! ...again, please e-mail for details on how to send us your turbo for this service...

FP Green

GT 30/35/65's

....with a few VF40's from Legacy GT's thrown in for size comparison purposes...


JuxtaGT 01-25-2007 01:55 AM

Looks like a wicked quad-turbo project you are starting there. :icon_cool

Crucial Racing 01-25-2007 02:06 AM

Hahaha SHHH! Secret :iam:


mele63 01-25-2007 08:54 AM

It's nice to see more options out there for us, whether we fnd ourselves in need of replacement turbo or a performance upgrade.

As a practical matter, however, I believe it's safe to say most of us use our cars as daily drivers and cannnot send our turbos out for work.

My suggestion would be to build up an inventory with a core return policy, so that we can minimize downtime for our vehicles, whether in the context of upgrading or replacing a "blown" turbo.

praedet 01-25-2007 02:31 PM

Looks great Jeremy!!! :D

Now I just have to install the one you did for me that has been sitting in my garage since August :lol:


turbo2nr 01-25-2007 03:02 PM

I just spent three hours on my new AVO 420. Cut screws that entered the housings causing turbulence, blended the back side of wastegate port into the nozzle area, especially the back wall where the exhaust needs to pass over the port during spoolup. Found a HUGH burr in there! Gasket matched both cover's nozzle, and bell mouthed the compressor inlet. Did a major clean-up job on the inside of the compressor cover.....rough, rough, rough sand casting.

And last, flared out the inside of turbine housing just after the turbine wheel, heading into the DP. I also used indicating tape to verify proper puck was perfect. I found a few loose boltz on my new turbo, but I was going to take them off ayway.

I used a $7000 stereo micro-scope, and air-turbine, and electric handheld engines to do the work. I have a glass bead and shell blaster at work, and a large ultrasonic cleaner to help remove all the crap out when done. This is around turbo #10 for me. I only do it for myself. Send yours to J@ Crucial. He taught me everything I know.

There is SOOOOOO much to do, even to a brand new turbo! I recommend this service, and you would too if you ever saw the inside of a turbo. Don't forget to send your gaskets to Jeremy to get your covers ported to match!!

I would never attempt this, unless I owned a Dental Lab full of neat stuff for working on little car parts like this....clean environment, well lighted, suction, proper tools, etc.

BDII 01-25-2007 03:18 PM

What can we expect for improvements as far performance with the P and P?

j255c 01-25-2007 03:31 PM

awww look at the 'lil baby vf40's

praedet 01-25-2007 03:55 PM

P and P with coating will net a little decrease in spool-up (100-200 rpms sooner) and a little more flow on the top-end (MAYBE 5-10 hp)...


BDII 01-25-2007 03:57 PM

so... worth it or no? PM if necassary

SC GT 01-25-2007 04:17 PM

What are the benefits of porting the turbine inlet to match the size of an aftermarket uppipe outlet? The uppipe on the MadDad headers is supposed to be a fair amount wider than the VF40 turbine inlet.

praedet 01-25-2007 04:18 PM

It pushes the stock turbo further...

Worth it? It is up to you. I had an extra VF40 around with about 1800 miles on it that I got for $180. I thought I would try this with meth and see what a VF40 w/ no internal changes could do. I still have to install it and add the meth though :lol:

I am glad I have it :D


Generally the turbine side is port matched to the gasket, which is the same size as most aftermarket uppipes. The ones that are too large don't really help...

MarcusDubya77 01-25-2007 05:31 PM

I wonder if these services can be done to the TDC VF40/18G ??

Crucial Racing 01-26-2007 02:39 AM

Hey sorry for taking so long to respond! The new post e-mails weren't working for this thread for some reason :iam: .

mele63 -- we'd like to get some housings in stock and do just that, and we will eventually but that takes a while to get a core exchange running smoothly where people aren't waiting until we get cores back from customers. Anyway, it wouldn't be the entire turbo, it would just be housings. Since the cartridges are wear-and-tear items and condition can be very different and very hard to determine, we don't want to be sending people turbos that aren't theirs. However, the housings are a different story and as long as they're physically okay, which is easy to tell, it's just fine. So.... we'd ship you a finished turbine and compressor housing, you'd swap them for the stock ones on your turbo and ship the stock ones back to us. Don't worry, it's REALLY easy. Anybody can do it, I promise. Way way way easier than most people assume ;)

We've had a few customers purchase used stock turbos and send us the housings or the whole turbo. When they get the turbo back, they put the housings on their cartridge and sell the used one they bought. You'll break even and you wont have any down time.

Bu11dog2 -- quicker spool and better response is a big thing. The improvement depends on the particular turbo and how good the castings were to being with and how good the cartridge is, etc. My VF22 hit full boost about 300 rpm quicker than it did prior to P&P. Also responds better on and off the throttle and after shifts and whatnot. 100 to 300-or-so rpm is pretty typical. Because the efficiency does go up, it's usually good for a couple ponies. But I would not call this a power modification. Some turbos are bad enough that they actually will push out more air afterwards but not all. Let's just say I wouldn't expect to gain power, but if you do you shouldn't be surprised ;). ...and the other benefit is a good reduction in underhood temperatures because of the barrier coating on the exhaust housing.

Worth it is a personal question, of course. It's not the cheapest thing in the world so that's up to you. I think it's money well spent when you buy a new turbo and get it done before installing it in the car. want the most out of your new setup and you've spent lots of $$$ on tuning, injectors, pump, turbo, and all sorts of other goodies so you want everything working as well as possible. That's most of the turbos we do, btw. Probably like 75%. The remainder are turbos that people take off of their car to have done.

SC GT -- MadDad/GT Spec have a very large uppipe diameter. Unless you're running a massive turbo, porting to match that diameter is not going to be possible. Well... possible, but not advisable. Matching the diameters is good because it makes for the smoothest possible flow with the least turbulence. One of the worst places for turbulence is immediately before the turbine so it's a good place for a smooth transition. Additionally, if it's going to be off one way or the other you would want the uppipe to be slightly smaller than the turbine inlet. With the lip on the inside, it will not cause exhaust pulse reversion like large uppipe/smaller turbo inlet will, and it will actually help bounce pulses back into the turbo. Also, a transition in that way doesn't cause as much turbulence as going from large to small via a 90* lip. ...and.... more volume in the pre-turbo exhaust means lower velocity and energy and slower spool. You're supposed to have high pressure in the pre-turbo exhaust, and you do not want more volume than necessary.


Crucial Racing 01-26-2007 02:41 AM


Originally Posted by MarcusDubya77 (Post 969440)
I wonder if these services can be done to the TDC VF40/18G ??

Can be done to any turbo. We even do diesel ones occasionally :)... on a big diesel truck the benefits are larger powerband (it's so small that the quicker spool is really, really noticeable) and better gas mileage... like 5 to 10% better in some cases!

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