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stedler 07-25-2006 06:32 PM

Another Skid Plate question.......
I know, there are already a lot of these.... (please don't shoot me):redface:

I have an 05' 2.5i, and I would like underbody protection...

Am thinking about getting the dealer to order me a LGT plastic aero pan...
I've considered wether or not to put a metal skid plate, ie: SSi aluminum skid plate, under my car. I've been told by the tuner shops here in town that the metal skid plate can cause severe damage to the lower control arms if you wack it on a rock, curb, speedbump, dead body, cat, dog, two dead bodies, you name it....:confused:

and that the cost of repairing said control arm issues is far more expensive than replace the oil pan... anybody have any ideas on this issue???

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