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FunkyMonkey 04-02-2013 06:51 AM

Brake Job
I did a brake job a few days ago, and I haven't exactly finished it yet. I am using a grade 8 bolt on one of the caliper brackets up front because the stock bolt was rusted and sheared off. Also, I discovered one of the pistons on the other caliper was not retracting / detracting easily. The boot on it is torn. Other than that, everything is back together and "working" for right now. I have since purchased the replacement caliper and all new grade 9 bolts from subaru.
Anyway, I have a "clicking" sound coming from the caliper that has a less than useful piston. I am hoping that is the problem.. I bought Centric rotors and also centric premium pads. These don't work with the stock metal brackets that insert into the caliper. They just go in.. they say "with shims" but they don't include metal brackets, just backing plates on the pads. I hope these aren't too loose in my calipers... Anyone else run into this ? Do I need those little metal brackets?

Max Capacity 04-02-2013 08:41 AM

The little metal bracket are the spring clips. As far as I know yes you need them.

Are you sure you have the correct pads ?

Who did you buy them from, one of the Mike's on here ? (m sprank or Mike at

When it comes to most items, those are the guy's you should be buying from. There are afew other guy's on here you can trust too.

I see your new, just poke around in the forums, you'll come across them. You should buy from these guy's because they know these cars, and more important, help out here for free and will sell you the correct part the frist time and stand behind what they sell.

FunkyMonkey 04-02-2013 10:12 AM

I bought them from eurosport design.

So far brakes are working without spring clips.. lol

Max Capacity 04-02-2013 03:15 PM

Sorry just have to ask, why would you buy parts for a Subaru from a eurosport design, I know your new, I'm just bust'in you. :)

Did you keep the spring clips for next time ?

Check on the forum for your other needs. Most of us know where to go to get the right part at the best price.

FunkyMonkey 04-03-2013 06:31 AM

They are a featured vendor on this website yo. I kept the clips, and on nabisco I found a thread that says to dremel the pads down to fit in the clips (sometimes they send the wrong year pads) . This issue will be resolved Sunday.

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