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luchadorjose 01-21-2013 09:26 AM

LuchadorJose's 2008 SpecB
SO where to start... Back in August/Spetember of 2011, I bought a 2008 DGM Legacy GT automatic. It wasn't long before I was completely in love with it. Went stage 2+, suspension mods, all sorts of stuff.

Then I started to realize that I would enjoy a manual car better (I didn't know how to drive stick well until some ctsubie members taught me, and the automatic SUCKED power) so I started to look for another Legacy.

At first I was looking for a 5 speed, and I realized they were hard to find. SO hard to find in fact that it gave me time to think, and I realized that if i was going to do the stupid thing of buying a car one year after buying almost the same car, I might as well do it right and get the best version available to me.

Four months of searching later, I had a QSM specB delivered to me from Michigan, in pristine condition. 56K miles on the clock and bone stock except for the SPT short shifter. I was in love as soon as my left foot found the third pedal. On the first day:

A week or two later, I started putting on the parts that made daily driving more enjoyable, catback, sways, endlinks. Old and new, both under the knife.

Since then, I've been enjoying every minute of my car, as it becomes the beast that the automatic never could have been. I've taken it to one autocross event so far

And here comes the mod list, including parts pending installation

VF52, grimmspeed port/polish/coated
Invidia catless downpipe
SPTv2 catback
Bulletproof modded TMIC
Forge recirc BOV
NGK 1 step colder plugs
DW65C fuel pump
AVO after-MAF hose
K&N drop in panel filter with snorkus delete

SPT short throw shifter
STI transmission mount
Kartboy Front Shifter Stay
Kartboy Rear Shifter Stay
TiC Shifter Pivot Bushings
TiC Shifter Linkage Bushings
Whiteline Positive Shift Kit (transmission crossmember bushings)
Torque Solutions Driveshaft Carrier Bushings
White Rear Diff Inserts
Kartboy Rear Subframe Bushings

Whiteline Sway Bars, 22mm Front+20mm Rear
Kartboy solid endlinks
BC BR coilovers (pending)
Cusco front subframe brace (pending)
Whiteline Anti-Lift kit (pending)
Whiteline front+rear lower control arm bushings (pending)

07 SpecB wheels
5K HID low beams
3K HID fogs
Ebay front lip (pending)
DIY JDM Legacy STI grill (pending)
Tinted rear tail lights (tinted, not smoked)
Rally Armour UR's
Hella horns

AEM digital boost gauge
AEM UEGO gauge
Perrin Steering Column Dual Gauge Pod Mount
White LED's for all interior lighting
OEM Subaru underseat subwoofer
OEM ipod connectivity kit
JP Coachworks shift boot and ebrake boot, done in black alcantara with red stitching (pending)

Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings (pending)
Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace

Tuned by STI Mikey

luchadorjose 01-21-2013 09:29 AM

Daily driven, utility unicorn

luchadorjose 01-21-2013 09:36 AM

I have to say thanks to a couple people right off the bat for parts

08BlackWRX (Justin) - The vf52 changed my car
Tommy@Papa Customs - SPT catback sounds perfect
Kojak77 - STI trans mount fit right in there
BMX045 - Gauges look awesome, and satisfy my inner ricer
Max Capacity - ipod kit was exactly what i needed
shtbxr22 - boots will look great
STIMikey - the tune...oh the tune...

And a special shout out to CTSparky, who has put just as many hours into my car as I have, always willing to lend a garage bay and a hand.

Nrw 01-21-2013 09:48 AM

What I get nothing for all the heckling I've done to you?


luchadorjose 01-21-2013 09:58 AM

You get a nod for being one of the many people who "encouraged" me to get into a "proper gearbox"

leggyman17 01-21-2013 03:49 PM

how do you like the vf52? my 40 is on its way out and i was thinking TGV deletes and either the VF52 or 48

AJW Performance 01-23-2013 09:30 AM

Congrats sir! Looking good!

jasejase 01-23-2013 09:39 AM

Looks great!

luchadorjose 01-23-2013 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by leggyman17 (Post 4256012)
how do you like the vf52? my 40 is on its way out and i was thinking TGV deletes and either the VF52 or 48

I say stick with the VF52. It's arguably a slightly better design than the VF48. Also, if you're top mount you'd have to swap your intake manifold for an STI manifold, or if you're front mount you need to get the adaptor pipe which means adding more piping.
My ported+polished VF52 spools faster than the stage2 vf39's/48's that the local guys have, and it holds boost surprisingly well. On my automatic legacy with vf46, i was tuned to ~18lbs, tapering to 12 at redline, and now i'm tuned at ~19.5 lbs, tapering to 16 at redline

luchadorjose 01-23-2013 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by leggyman17 (Post 4256012)
how do you like the vf52? my 40 is on its way out and i was thinking TGV deletes and either the VF52 or 48

oh, and to answer your first question, i LOVE the vf52. I got mine for a wicked steal, which is why I ponied up for the grimmspeed port/polish/coat. If you want to come to one of the weekly manchester meets, i'll let you drive it

leggyman17 01-23-2013 10:26 AM

ill probably stick with the 52 then. I also switched to FMIC so i have all the adaptor pipes to fit that style turbo lol. looking for one now!

luchadorjose 03-20-2015 09:36 AM

Ok so it's been a while

I blew my motor on 3/11/2013. Turns out it was a cracked piston, part of it just disintegrated from the valve relief out. No spun bearings, two bent valves.

Two years later, finally came into a spot where i can spend money. Here's what happened

Bought a built longblock out of a 2006 WRX. Rallispec shortblock, clean heads, all the manifolds and accessories still attached. Running when it was pulled, fingers crossed that it's a good motor or I'm going to jump off of a bridge.

What's happening when it goes in? Lots of stuff. I'm pretty excited

Almost brand new 11-14 WRX wheels for some more width
Group N trans mount
Group N motor mounts
Torque solutions pitch stop
Grimmspeed MCB
Cusco power steering rack brace
whiteline power steering bushing
STI solid steering linkage
TGV deletes
Air pump deletes
Invidia equal length race header
Invidia uppipe
Mishimoto turbo inlet
Custom dual catch can PCV setup
ISC coilovers
ACT HD-SS 6MT clutch

I'm also redoing my headlights, and installing a custom grill (homemade JDM replica), and a rear JDM style lip.

So wish me luck. There's a good chance I will screw this all up and the motor will catch on fire then commit suicide.

If it actually runs, it will be improved in almost every way, even above the fact that it's running versus being a paperweight.

jasejase 03-20-2015 09:43 AM

Nice man! Maybe if you change your avie, you'll get some more positive mojo! :)

luchadorjose 03-20-2015 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by jasejase (Post 5097904)
Nice man! Maybe if you change your avie, you'll get some more positive mojo! :)

I forgot it was even that. I should change it

luchadorjose 03-23-2015 10:29 AM

So this weekend I installed the header, uppipe, new turbo oil lines, started running the lines for the PCV/dual catch can system, removed the sways/endlinks, and dropped the control arms.
I'm going to visit VBerge to press in whiteline bushings/antilift kit for the front, then back in they go with new ball joints.
Have to drop the steering rack and put in whiteline bushings, the cusco steering rack brace, and the STI solid steering linkage.
This week/weekend I should be able to drop the turbo inlet on, pull out the PCV line crap, and bolt on the fuel lines/intake manifold with the new injectors.

Getting closer

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