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Naitron 01-14-2013 10:48 AM

HK subwoofer vibration
Does anyone have an issue with vibration noises from the subwoofer? It's more audible when I have the backseat folded down. Also I notice the back shelf is very cheaply built and feels like it's thin and not attached to anything stable.

Odlgt 01-14-2013 07:29 PM

Maybe try to pick up some dynamat and insulate the area. Might help to stick your head in the trunk and try to pin down where the vibes are coming from while theres some music playing.

Or....(insert sex toy joke).


Fletch113 01-17-2013 07:20 AM

I did and it was a precursor to the sub blowing after only a few months. I never had the bass above 3 and the volume only touched 25 for maybe 3 seconds once. I never even noticed the sub until it started to sound scratchy. Warrantied it no prob though

Naitron 01-18-2013 02:21 PM

I think my dub might be damaged possibly. It has a hard time supplying certain ranges of bass I noticed. For a "premium" sound system I am disappointed honestly. The dealership I got it in is an hour away and I have not had time to take it in. I'll tell them about my issues with my first oil change at 3500. currently at 2300 miles

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