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AndrewZ 01-13-2013 01:26 PM

"Backup" circuit and drain
Hey LGT,

Car is a 05 OB MT Ltd. I'm getting a 220mA drain with the car off when I have the Backup fuse (under the hood, 20A) in place. When I disconnect it the drain drops to 5mA.

I've searched the boards. People suggest that this has to do with backup lights - that's not the case. With the Backup fuse removed everything (3rd brake light, backup lights, door lock) related to the tailgate still works. When I thought it was related to the backup lights I checked the wires running to the tailgate and their insulation didn't show any wear

I've noticed that with the backup fuse pulled my key FOB and my interior lights don't work. The fuel pump, dash, and headlights still turn on when I put the key to ON in the ignition.

Does anyone know what all the components on this circuit are, and what might be causing the current draw/battery drain with the car off?

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