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Picky1 01-07-2013 03:35 PM

Sony XDP-PK1000 Digital Link
Not real happy with the factory sound on my 2012 Legacy...needs more power and base!!! Not looking to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars upgrading my stero system and chance losing my steering wheel controls, bluetooth, or factory look of the headunit.

What all do you think of the Sony XDP-PK1000 Digital Link, seems like it might just do the trick plus Crutchfield has it on sale now for $199???

Dbl_D718 01-07-2013 04:50 PM

Sony makes nice TVs. They make terrible car audio equipment.

The reality is that if you can get all of that equipment for $200, none of it is good quality. Unfortunately, car audio is a department where you get exactly what you pay for. The "master unit" in that kit puts out 17 watts RMS; that's probably half or less of what the factory head unit does.

Your factory system sounds better than that kit would.

If you just want a sub for some bass, you can usually pull that off with $300 if you install it yourself. If you want a sub and new speakers and amps for everything, you'll have to spend more dollars.

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