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JmP6889928 12-30-2012 04:02 PM

Your OWN innovations that actually HELP performance in some way
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It would seem that I've caused quite an uproar by posting a photo of my car with my splitter on it. It appears that there are quite a few that feel that "it doesn't look nice" or to quote a so-called Moderator of this enthusiast association:
Hipsterdoofus-"that shit looks stupid". Then there's always dudeonacouch with his infamous "You should paint glittery pink fish graphics on it"
And of course, not to be left out, Penguin's "Nice snow plow. Where do you mount the salt spreader?"

So I decided to put up this thread to see just exactly what you've actually innovated yourself that improves the performance of your own car. This is not to include bolt-ons that Cobb or Perrin or AVO or someone else has already done all of the research on, but actual innovations that YOU personally have come up with, fabricated, installed, and proven with hard data that make the car faster or handle better or get better gas mileage etc.

Now I suppose I could worry about taking out the yellow reflectors from my headlights (worth about 4 hp per side I'm sure) and while I have them open, I could paint them black too (OBVIOUS handling increasing by having them black inside and I'm positive the extra weight of all that black paint will certainly make it turn in better), or I could get some garage door seal and put about 400 wood screws up under my front bumper cover to make a half-assed lip that doesn't look correct, doesn't fit correctly, does absolutely nothing for the actual performance, but I would certainly feel good about it because I did it myself for under $20. I could even unbolt my mufflers at the Y pipe and put a couple of washers in between the pipes and the mufflers to make an exhaust leak so I could get that "boxer rumble" and make everyone believe that I had something I don't. I do actually think that this mod has a little merit however, as it most likely does help low end punch a tiny bit by allowing the exhaust to flow a bit more freely.

Now I've read a lot of the different threads and I've seen some truly incredible innovative things that actually do improve the performance of the vehicle. Cutting the center out of the grille and putting in mesh helps with cooling, A/C condenser protection, and looks good to boot. Cutting a hole in the rear deck and putting in a port to increase bass response is a performance increase for the people that love their stereos. Seeing a couple of the engine swaps going on, especially the one with the V-6, are more innovative and work than I would want to tackle but seeing the end results is very cool.

I've also read a lot of threads seeing people who don't know something and are willing to ask a question to find something out, be completely ridiculed by all of the so-called experts on here. It's no wonder why some of them never come back.

So, post your innovations on here if you dare to take the wrath of the dull and ignorant who just might say "that shit looks stupid" without even knowing how or why you came up with the idea. I'm sure many of you have good ideas and good execution but as with most on this forum, if it doesn't "look" really good, then obviously it can't be of any value whatsoever.

Here are my photos that have caused such a stir. Criticize if you must, like it or don't, frankly, I really don't give a rat's patoot, but show me what YOU have done. One thing I can promise is that I'll do my best to look at every single thing posted, and if I like it, I'll say so. If I don't, I'll also say so. The other thing I can promise is that my responses will be done with respect to your work, your idea, your results. That appears to be something that some of the members of this association can't seem to be able to do themselves.

BDII 12-30-2012 04:10 PM


Penguin 12-30-2012 04:14 PM

So in the other thread you claim it increased your lap times, how is that an improvement when you would normally want to decrease your lap times?

thisisthenewsic 12-30-2012 04:25 PM

My flip flops duct taped to my feet makes me shift faster. Does they count?

BDII 12-30-2012 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by thisisthenewsic (Post 4224642)
My flip flops duct taped to my feet makes me shift faster. Does they count?

I think they does.

Penguin 12-30-2012 04:28 PM

Yes, flip flops that flip or flop slow things down. Securing them to your feet and making them into driving shoes makes as much or more sense that putting a front splitter/snow plow on the front of a family sedan.

ehsnils 12-30-2012 04:32 PM

Does a magnetic oil plug count?

Penguin 12-30-2012 04:33 PM

Yes, especially if you crafted from refrigerator magnets.

mikeislord 12-30-2012 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by Penguin (Post 4224653)
Yes, especially if you crafted from refrigerator magnets.

But only if your fridge is Energy-Star rated and has french doors.

Penguin 12-30-2012 04:50 PM

If you don't have French doors on your refrigerator you probably live in a trailer park, and trade food stamps for meth.

ripemeat 12-30-2012 04:55 PM

i like the racing stripes more.

robitrice 12-30-2012 05:15 PM

we just got a foot of snow that would been way easier to clear the driveway with

Crawdaddy79 12-30-2012 05:16 PM

I disabled my DRL. I'm sure I get at least 10HP because of that alone.

Penguin 12-30-2012 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by robitrice (Post 4224687)
we just got a foot of snow that would been way easier to clear the driveway with

Just think how awesome it would be with a salt spreader!

ripemeat 12-30-2012 05:28 PM

at least you have something to step on when you're leaning onto the engine

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