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subiefool 12-10-2012 10:01 PM

such a sad sad day :-(
So I'm a first time owner long time fan started working on subies when I was 16 and now at 23 I have a good job and I felt it was time to make my dream of driving my own suburb come true. I purchased an 05 lgt limited with 98000 miles on it. I instantly fell in love, I had the care for a full day when I had my first reality Check and was imbibed in the a front end accident that bent the frame just a little bit before the struts. Ok don't panic it's fixable about 1500 I can do that everything will be ok... WRONG!!! :'( I drove the car for about when I got an odd rattling noise at about 2000 rpm. The next day BING CEL and flashing cruise light oh boy misfire cylinder 1 oh joy flashed the code and took it up the street to see if it came on again. Well the CEL stayed off but the nois is still there along with the "infamous" legacy stutter I have no power I fear that after only one week of bliss the bearings are shot anyone that has any idea what else it could be please say something because at this point if it's the motor I might just junk the car and make payments on a broken dream for the next four years :-[

BAC5.2 12-10-2012 10:03 PM

You took out a 4-year loan on a 7 year old car with 100k on the clock? Yikes!

Question: Why are you driving the car if it's making noise? Why not get it checked out by someone who knows what they are doing?

subiefool 12-11-2012 02:02 AM

the car had a clean carfax and is in great shape took it for a test drive and had no problems and it is 100% stock which i know from experience is always better than getting a car that is already modded he said he just had the timing belt and water pump changed witch seemed not too out of the ordinary for a car nearing 100k miles I'm starting to think he just added super thick oil to mask the noise temporarily and took me for a total chump. The person that ran the codes is a close friend of mine since i was 6 that now works at JGM/MOTEC... if you know anything about motorsports that statement needs no further explanation, think i might have to dangle the lemon law over this guys head to get this car fixed though I'm praying that when i take it to my master tech that runs a very reputable shop that has built cars that have been featured in magazines including a 700hp twin turbo 300zx it turns out to be something smaller what else could it be?

laff79 12-11-2012 02:50 AM

You should've consulted this master tech before buying that car.

PeterJMC 12-11-2012 03:50 AM

Sounds like a tough situation. I hope things work out for you in the end.

krzyss 12-11-2012 04:07 AM

I do not know about CA but for the most USA the lemon law applies to new cars and probably before accident.


PS Good luck.

PS2 What oil change regimen was original owner following? Do you have maintenance record?

subiefool 12-11-2012 10:35 AM

the guy had a dealers lisence so technicly he should fall under the same laws and the motor wasnt touched in the accident it was more ore less cosmetic dammage, im going to have my guy confirm that the accident had nothing to do with the engine failure if thats the case, the master tech is a friend of my dads and has known him since the late 80s and has brought a couple of his cars back frome what seamed like cirten death i trust him pretty well i jest kinda got lucky that i know some of these peolpe and i am going to use all of my resorses to eather get him to pay for the new engine or take him to court. Persionally if i were him i would just pay for the engine because its not even me that will be going to court with him its my credit union the're the ones that shelled out the cash for the car. He seamed like a nice guy but thats just messed up to take 10k frome someone for a car you know is gonna crap out in a week. i just wanna get my car up and running so that i can move on and enjoy it.

Drift Motion 12-11-2012 11:03 AM

don't you need to have full coverage on a car with loans?

subiefool 12-11-2012 11:08 AM

i know it sounds like im just on here to rant and for that im sorry im just really frustrated, this was my dream car and it has turned out to be a nightmare. I posted here to see if anybody thinks it could be something simple, the car idles great and I can run it all the way to redline without any sign of trouble or nois but, under load it bogs down after 2500rpm and there a nois than i can only discribe as something being draged ar a ratleing sound, its not the turbo there is no smoke or deathe sqeel comeing frome it and it sounds like its comeing frome under the driver side (cylender 1) :/

subiefool 12-11-2012 11:18 AM

didnt have time to get the full coverage car crapped out in the first week only had the temperary insurence that got me aproved for the loan and it dosnt cover engine failure :/

MN3.6R 12-11-2012 12:25 PM

No offense but your ideas are very flawed. One like stated above taking a 4 year loan out on that old of a car is crazy. Two, the dealership really has no liability unless they stated some sort of 30 day warranty, if it was sold AS-IS, well there is your answer. With 98,000 miles your rolling the dice on any car. Third, your Credit union will not spend a dime in helping you go after this guy. A loan is a promise to pay, the CU is the middle man, not you. I'm not trying to belittle you but it sounds like your screwed, unless you can find out it's covered under the accident, then put in a claim. Good luck, truly sucks to hear.

MN3.6R 12-11-2012 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by subiefool (Post 4197379)
didnt have time to get the full coverage car crapped out in the first week only had the temperary insurence that got me aproved for the loan and it dosnt cover engine failure :/

By this statement, do you mean full coverage auto insurance or warranty?

subiefool 12-11-2012 01:23 PM

auto insurence he was a private seller with a dealers license showed me the paperwork for his license and everything im gonna go over all the paperwork again today

subiefool 12-11-2012 01:27 PM

and as for the loan they are on the title also as part owner since i havent paid the car off yet so they were sold a busted car also

subiefool 12-11-2012 01:32 PM

and i paid that much for the car when it blue books for over that amount at that mileage in perfect shape whitch it was or so i thought

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