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Zero1 12-02-2012 02:12 PM

Zero1's JDM Legacy STi converted USDM 2008 spec.B
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I think it's about time to start this build thread lol. I bought her brand new on January 15th, 2009 (sat on the lot since August 2007 :( )with 804 miles from the dealer. Sales Manager had put some miles on it so she never got her proper break-in (hence the burning of 1 qt of oil every 1000 miles or so). I have made the most of it though and next on the list for her is a built motor which is probably a couple years out yet. I'll try to start posting more pics as I get time but here's a build list and the first couple of pics I ever took of her (to keep the timeline sequence ;) ).

Mods (>^.^)>


20% tint all around
18"x7.5" JDM GTB-STi silver wheels with 235/40-R18 Bridgestone Potenza S04 PP
JDM STi rear lip spoiler
JDM rev D-F spec B/STi front bumper w/ FMIC mod
JDM rev D-F spec B/STi Bixenon headlamps
JDM rev D-F spec B/STi grill
JDM/EDM rev D-F front fenders
JDM STi front lip spoiler
JDM aero splash guards
S402 badges front/rear (from wagon #54/400)
Stanza FRP rear window lip spoiler paint-matched
DRL delete
Zerosports oil cap
Zerosports radiator shroud
Zerosports alternator shroud
Hella Supertones hidden ;)
JDM Subaru OEM Window Visors
Redline Racing SS Hood Struts


JDM Blue LED floor lighting kit
JDM Subaru badged plush trunk mat
STi badged front floor mats
STi badge in place of SI-Drive badge
S402 shift knob (from wagon #54/400)
Custom molded triple A-pillar pod
Pillars wrapped in perforated black alcantara
Defi Advance CR boost and oil pressure gauges
Zeitronix EGT and A/F ratio combination digital gauge

Suspension and Brakes

STi 6MT short throw shifter
Perrin front shifter bushings
STi rear shifter stay bushing
Kartboy pitch stop mount
Cusco power steering rack brace
Whiteline power steering rack bushings
Whiteline tie rod ends
Whiteline rear diff bushings
STi Group N motor mounts
STi Group N trans mount
SPT lower front chassis brace
STi Genome front strut tower bar
Tein Flex coilovers with solid aluminum pillow ball upper mounts
Cobb front and adjustable rear sway bars
Perrin front and rear endlinks
STi Brembo front and rear calipers
FastWRX CNC machined rear caliper adapters
Custom parking brake shoes via Unclemat @
Goodridge SS brake lines
DBA 5000 two piece slotted front rotors
DBA 4000 slotted rear rotors
Hawk HPS pads
Lots and lots of SS hardware lol


Garage Tuning twin scroll headers
Garage Tuning custom v-band inlet/3" flange outlet DP
Garage Tuning custom twin EWG dumptubes
Twin Tial 38mm EWG's
Garage Tuning T4 GT3582R 1.06a/r twin scroll turbo
Custom lava rock turbo blanket
EJ257 case halves honed
Heat-treated STi crankshaft
King Race bearings
JE FSR pistons
Pauter X-Beam rods
Killer B pickup/baffle/oil pan
Gates timing belt/water pump kit
Refreshed heads
Custom aged ARP head studs
Kelford 272/268 cams
Beehive valve springs/retainers
Agency Power top-feed fuel rails
1600cc Five-O injectors
Custom linear fuel lines with AN fittings
Aeromotive FPR
Full Blown 340lph in tank pump
Integrated Engineering surge tank powder coated w/ Bosch 044 pump
ACT 6-puck ceramic clutch
STi 6MT flywheel
3.5 bar Zeitronix MAP sensor
T1 Motorsports IAT sensor
Cobb Access Port
AVO front mount intercooler
Custom 2.5" aluminum FMIC piping
Custom aluminum CAI with cone filter
Tial Q BOV
Strömung quad-tip cat back exhaust
Cobb urethane exhaust hanger bushings
Greddy oil pressure sandwich adapter
Air pump delete w/ hacked APS
Cosworth engine block off plates
IAG TGV deletes
Crawford V2 recirculating rotated AOS system
Koyo radiator
Zerosports 1.3 bar radiator caps
Perrin coolant overflow tank
Goodridge SS clutch line
Zerosports Voltage Stabilizer kit

She makes some pretty good power :spin:

Drift Motion 12-02-2012 02:28 PM

Love to see the progress!

Gire 12-02-2012 02:33 PM

Great laundry list!

Post up some after pics ASAP. And thanks for sharing.

kanazteck261 12-02-2012 03:09 PM

Interior pics of pillars if you don't mind

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.:Catalyst:. 12-03-2012 11:36 AM

Love the build - JDM goodness! Get some of your current pictures up and would love to see the engine bay and interior as well :) Subscribed!

goobaru 12-03-2012 02:15 PM

20% tint is next on my list

IM SLO 12-03-2012 08:05 PM

Saw this car not too long ago in person. BEAUTIFUL Spec. B So much hard work went into this car and it clearly shows with that fantastic list of modifications. No pictures do this car justice.

Legacsti11 12-04-2012 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by .:Catalyst:. (Post 4184286)
Love the build - JDM goodness! Get some of your current pictures up and would love to see the engine bay and interior as well :) Subscribed!

I agree with Catalyst Totally

Zero1 12-04-2012 12:30 PM

Gonna try and put some stuff up tonight...

Zero1 12-04-2012 06:45 PM

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Alright, starting from the beginning...

First week of owning the lady she got tint. At this point I was extremely happy I had not purchased the 2009 OBP WRX Premium sedan I had been looking to buy. I ended up spending the same on the spec.B as I would have on the WRX (lots of rebates lol). I had intended on modding the piss out of a WRX but when I got the spec.B I was so giddy about it I honestly didn't want to modify it. That didn't last long at all...

Three months and I installed a Volt HID kit, then a few months later it was Volk RE30 wheels with Limited Edition Formula center caps (hard as hell to find and glad they found a great home Catalyst :) ), Cobb catted TBE (stock exhaust was rusted all to heck and back!), STi 6MT STS with Perrin front and STi rear bushings, SPT front lower chassis brace, Cobb radiator shroud (scooby2.5's now :) ), Cobb battery tie down, SPT intake with heat shield, STi aluminum strut tower bar, SPT oil cap, and an Optima red top.

Still had the TMIC off the car when I took the engine pick lol. It was at this point that the muffler tips not only shot flames between hard shifts but also melted the bumper a little :spin:

Zero1 12-04-2012 07:00 PM

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This one will be a little shorter... Couple weeks later and the rest of the suspension bits came :)

Tein Flex coilovers with solid aluminum pillow ball upper mounts, Perrin front and rear endlinks, and Cobb front and adjustable rear sways. At this point of putting stuff on it was becoming VERY apparent not a whole lot of SS hardware was used from the factory so I started upgrading... all of it lol. And voila! No more monster wheel gap!!!

Time to order JDM goodies right? A LOT of them :wub:

Zero1 12-04-2012 07:38 PM

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The first wave from Japan came in the form of the GTB-STi front end that sat in boxes and traveled half-way across the US with me when I moved to Ohio from Oz. I want to point out that no one knew anything about what was needed at this time summer of 2009 so it was one heck of a learning experience lol. Took a while to figure out that I needed JDM fenders as well lol.

Oh and a super rare set of gen 3(?) JDM Legacy STi wheels that i dearly miss... At least they went to a good home :rolleyes:

Gotta have that plush trunk mat too! And I can always dream about what it will look like eventually...

Zero1 12-04-2012 08:24 PM

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The second most fun I have had modifying her was doing the brakes. My buddy's wife was not a happy camper when I kept them up til the wee hours of the morning using their garage the night before they had to work lol. The fronts were super free and easy while the rears were a PITA. Little bit of modification necessary lol.

Bought brand new (at my cost ;) ) 2004 Impreza STi Brembo calipers and hardware, DBA 2-piece front and single piece rear slotted rotors 2004 Impreza STi fitment, rear adapters, unclemat's custom extra thick parking brake shoes, Hawk HPS pads (love to have some EBC Red Stuff now...), Goodridge SS lines, and ATE Super Blue fluid.

Gold on gold never looked so fine!!!

Zero1 12-04-2012 09:04 PM

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Winter 2009/2010 was a blast but led to curbing one of the goldies and had to let them go (was told it was unrepairable :( ). 2010 was a LOT of goodies...


Instead of hole filling, got a new OEM trunk lid to go along with the STi lip spoiler and had them paint-matched along with the license plate trim piece to the rest of her. Thought it would be cool to jazz it up a little so picked up some STi badges and bolted them to the front mats, stuck them in place of the SI-Drive badge, and an OEM Legacy STi trunk badge from Japan. Then had a triple pod A-pillar piece designed for 04-07 Impreza STi fitment custom molded onto my A-pillar and then had all my pillar pieces wrapped in black perforated alcantara matching the rest of the interior. I left all the trim pieces alone as I think the contrast still looks good and man that would have been a nightmare plasti-dipping all those small pieces...

I also found a JDM blue interior lighting kit :) The plug and play connections were not compatible with the USDM wiring so it took a little bit of custom wiring/searching/test-lighting but no air bags were deployed and it was very helpful I already had the pillars taken off. And yes, they are OEM pieces so they come with the timer relay so they shut off a few seconds after the dome lights do ;)

famaya26 12-04-2012 09:12 PM

Def one of my Favorite Leggy conversions. :wub:

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