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jagoulet 11-21-2012 03:28 PM

rear brake line info needed
I have a 1995 Legacy L wagon. Drum brakes in the rear.

My brake lines to the drums leak (rusted out - car in New England). Specifically they leak right under where a rear seat passenger would sit.

So I need to visit an auto parts store and get replacement lines and install them. An auto mechanic friend to me to gather all the information I could before going into a store, so here I am.

I am looking for any information you might have on lengths of the two metal sections, diameter, size and pitch of fitting, flare . . . whatever it takes to get the right line the first time.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


travgag 11-21-2012 07:35 PM

Well I would'nt bother to much on ordering specific lines because they are routed ways that you can do unless you drop the gas tank and many other problems that you'll run into since the lines are done in factory, plus the extra cost and wait time it will be,

Just go get your standard roll of break line, buy yourself a flaring tool, their quite cheap and come on sale, I believe they are double flares, not bubble, you'll need metric fittings and couplers, and route them the easiest way, mount them solid so they wont move around, and spray them with undercoat oil to extend their life span,

lilpoindexter 11-21-2012 09:46 PM

The fittings are m10-1 Inverted flare. Another website has some pretty detailed pictures of a good patch job. My car was originally from massachusetts, and last weekend when I put braided lines in, the rear lines popped. I am waiting for an m10-1 x m10-1 brake union...they are suprisngly hard to find. You will want to get NAPA tool SER 161A to flare the lines that you are going to cut into.
It shouldn't be too bad of a job.

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