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tawaew 11-18-2012 10:18 AM

Will not start- no check engine light
I have a 1999 Legacy Postal Wagon. It came to me with a 2.5 motor from a 2000 Outback, with the 2.2 intake. I use it as my back-up mail car. My sister borrowed it to run her route, and as she was moving between boxes the car shut off, and would not restart.

Since we were not getting fuel up to the filter, we replaced the fuel pump.
Checking closer, the fuel pump is not coming on. Changed the fuel pump relay, did not help.

Fuel pump will not work in the car, check engine light does not come on when key is turned, and strangest of all there is no power at the diagnostic plug in point. We are stumped.

joelwatts 11-18-2012 10:34 AM

By the sounds of it you need more diagnosis skill than you are available to give. Did you check for power and ground at the relay and the pump? If not, then those shouldn't have been changed. Clarify something. Is it a no start condition or a no crank condition? These need to be handled differently. I'm guessing from the info you gave already that it is a no start and that's what we will go with. Check to see if the relay is clicking with key on. If it is then go to the pump. If not, bypass the relay and see if the pump comes on. If it does the. You need to find out why you just have a problem with the relay. You should have two 12v sources, a ground, and an output to the pump. If any of those are missing then you need to find out why. A blown fuse would be an easy fix as would a missing ground. That's where ild start.

Also if there isn't power on pin 16 of the dlc then you won't be able to pull dtc's if there are any available.

tawaew 11-18-2012 08:34 PM

It is a no start problem. The engine will turn over. The fuel pump will run if it is straight wired to the battery. Will have to check the relay to see if it is clicking.We checked every fuse in the fuse box under the hood on top of the fender well and the fuse box on the driver side kick panel. Are there fuses anywhere else? We will start checking the grounds.

broknindarkagain 11-18-2012 11:37 PM

There are two green fusible links in the fuse box that sits between the drivers strut and the battery under the hood. They are green with a clear top. One is for the ECU and one is for your accessories (radio, windows, etc). I've blown the ECU one in the past and had the same symptoms you're having. What caused mine to blow was teh upstream o2 sensor wire got chewed up by the axle and shorted out.

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