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Hoojammyflip 11-17-2012 07:22 AM

Rolling road and mapping on JDM 2004 2.0GT spec.B
DISCLAIMER: Please note that in the UK we use engine bhp/torque, not at the wheel, as our main comparison - so don't go thinking I've got huge power here - it's just a little above standard ;)

My car has a MillTek full exhaust system including sports cat and quad tailpipes, a high flow panel filter and an ECUTek map.

I have been to a dyno day in January and got peak power at 244 bhp (flywheel) compared with 280 manufacturers quoted. Assuming something was amiss - I read reports of the wastegate actuator springs on these turbos commonly being weak and so have just replaced the actuator with another 0.8 bar new part. The new one took 10 psi (measured just with foot pump for quick comparison ) to start moving, the old one took just 6 psi!

Some interesting stuff - The first run was done on ECO mode - you can see it is significantly different It seems to limit boost to 0.65 bar - although the final max power at 294.2 bhp isn't too bad for 'ECO' mode

After a couple of runs to establish baseline performance Andrew Carr ( )had a look at the maps and thoughtfully made a few tweaks that just pushed me over the 300 bhp threshold He has not altered any boost settings yet...

John Clarkson Autos also record a lot of other data which they are happy to give a printout from as well...

Wheel Power and Injector Duty Cycle...

AFR and Boost (bar)...

So... some interesting stuff for us JDM 2.0GT twin scrollers to get our heads around ... and maybe a little opportunity for squeezing a bit more out with the current setup. Andrew said the neutral indicator was playing up a bit which would affect the map and also that my wastegate actuator could probably do with a touch more pre-load to see if it will hold the boost at 1 bar since it tails away at 6000 rpm. He also now has a bit more in the way of technical observations which he has promised to pop on our home forum and share with us.

Hoojammyflip 11-17-2012 02:27 PM

Video of one of the runs - get the speakers turned up :lol: ...

Hoojammyflip 11-17-2012 02:31 PM

Some pics from the cell...

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