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BlackHole 11-09-2012 06:46 PM

eBay Android HU build
Just in case it can help anyone else out, these are my notes as I install an eBay 2-DIN Android headunit into my 05 LGT over the next couple of days. Why do it? Eh, why not? I'm trying it instead of a CarPC. Hopefully I can have nav, radio, iPhone control + charging, and OBD gauges through Torque + OBD-BT adapter and some future options through Android. If not, I've added to the "don't try this" knowledge base (LOL!).

Parts used:
Headunit Review / Summary

If there is one key word for this HU - keep trying. Or a second - flaky. It likes to freeze, pretty much every day. Not sure the balance of responsibility between hardware and software, but purging a lot of the pre-installed software has reduced the amount of crashes and sped up the response noticeably.

The hardest part is figuring things out without any documentation. Lots of trial and error. The HU is a little slow to start up and runs reasonably well, but it does respond slowly like you'd expect a cheap android tablet with a resistive screen to work. At times, it does crash / hang, which is solved by turning the car on/off. I haven't found a separate on/off switch - it always is on when it has accessory power.

That said, I've already downloaded and installed programs, so that's a big plus. Audio is surprisingly much better than the stock HU. BT phone is much clearer than the Motorola standalone BT that the previous owner installed, even using the same microphone.

And hey, it comes with Angry Birds, what more could you want? :)

More as I play with it.

BlackHole 11-09-2012 06:47 PM

Headunit wiring notes

  • Limited wiring documentation - just the sticker on the HU and the labels on the wiring harness.
  • Lots of RCA inputs, still figuring them out
  • Speaker wires are self explanatory and follow EIA color codes, matching the SVXdc harnesses.
  • Power and dimmer wires also follow convention. But be careful to solder the correct yellow power wire.
  • Can Tx & Rx = Bluetooth microphone wires
  • Guesses on remaining wires (not confirmed yet):
    • Key 1 & 2 = steering wheel controls
    • P. Cntr = subwoofer power control
    • Brake Control = ???
    • Reverse = reverse signal for backup camera

BlackHole 11-09-2012 06:47 PM

Headunit installation notes

Pretty straightforward once the HU, 14-forward and i88 harnesses are soldered together. Spent most of my time adjusting the JDM HVAC gaps and testing out the HU before final installation. Biggest challenge is the 2-DIN opening on the JDM HVAC - it's about 3mm too small in height and ~6mm too small in width. I made a mess of the cutting so I have go back and fix it.

Be patient. Getting the alignment gaps right is trial & error, but pretty easy withj a dremel.

BlackHole 11-09-2012 06:49 PM

Steering wheel installation notes

Installing an STi 08+ wheel, but commonly used on a lot of later-model Subarus. Has cruise control and audio controls. Definitely NOT a plug & play install. But the wheels are cheap and available, unlike the Spec B and Outback wheels with SWC.

Need to swap over airbag covers from 05 to 08.

edited - see AkumaMax posts below

(space saved for updates during install)

BlackHole 11-09-2012 07:07 PM

Android operation notes

Confirmed working so far (still figuring out the menus):
  • radio
  • gps
  • bluetooth phone
  • wifi / internet - slow 802.11b/g dongle but works
  • iPod / iPhone 4s control (charges & plays)
  • bluetooth OBD adapter - scratching my head: HU sees the OBD but won't connect, but OBD connects fine with an external Android tablet
  • nav - working. The problem is that while the maps were included with the HU, the Sygic software wasn't and the included Google nav doesn't work with those maps. A little deceptive of the product advertisement IMO.
On the to-do list:
  • Can I change button colors from blue to red? (don't think so)
  • install SWC & program HU
  • install and wire backup camera (just arrived in the mail)
  • move GPS antenna to a better location (not as much of an issue with the proper Sygic software, so it will wait until I tear the interior out)

AkumaMax 11-09-2012 09:13 PM

Black hole if you need help with a transfer of 05-08 Steering wheel with Cruise I can help out. I just did mine. It's really simple. That mod from NASIOC is not for our cars only IMPREZAS!!! Ours are just simply plug the wire into the socket. You will need to cut off you stock Wires on the clockspring(white/Green) and cut the 08 8pin connector and solder the wires from the 08 to the correct wires on the 05 connectors. I am still waiting on my Audio control to see how this is going to work. I used the 05 SWC writeup to wire up the pins on the clockspring to the radio. But like I said I have not tested yet to confirm everything is in working order.

Also yes the 08 wheels are cheap(around $120) or so on ebay with all controls. AS for Airbags they are a little more(around $200+) I did a writeup on swapping the insides of our 05 Airbag into an 08 Airbag Cover.

NSFW 11-09-2012 10:28 PM


Originally Posted by AkumaMax (Post 4152600)
Also yes the 08 wheels are cheap(around $120) or so on ebay with all controls. AS for Airbags they are a little more(around $200+) I did a writeup on swapping the insides of our 05 Airbag into an 08 Airbag Cover.

Got a link to that write-up?

(Also, subscribing...)

AkumaMax 11-09-2012 10:38 PM


BlackHole 11-10-2012 01:02 PM

AkumaMax - thanks for the help. I'm glad someone has already figured this out - the STi link was the only info I found. I'll post pics and update the links as I work through it.

AkumaMax 11-10-2012 04:50 PM

Just for you info for wiring up the SWC from an 08 Wheel to our 05 Clock spring connectors(White 3pin, Green 5pin)

08 SWC/Cruise Connections
Red: 12v Illumination
Black: Ground for lights
Yellow: Cruise On/Off (neg. trigger)
Brown: Ground
Green: Cancel, Set/coast, and Res/accel (neg trigger with resisters).
White: Audio signal
Blue: Audio ground

For our 05-07 Wiring info for SWC

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