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Toallhisdoom 11-04-2012 07:00 PM

Will 225/60/16 fit?
98 legacy gt limited auto. I know stock ia 205 55 16 but will 225 60 16 rub? Car will be sittting on kyb struts and H&R springs. Tires are like new and under 100$ for a set of 4 so dont wanna pass it up i need tires badly. Not my ideal plan for taller tires but for the price its worth it.

Any ideas of if they will rub or not?

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broknindarkagain 11-04-2012 10:10 PM

The biggest concern is if they will fit under the lower spring perch...It will be a really close call.

Kennyfvholla 11-05-2012 06:32 AM

What type of wheels are they? Are the OE wheels? If they are, the offset is probably close or the same as stock. That's important to find out. Then you can take measurements and do the math.

Toallhisdoom 11-05-2012 06:57 AM

They are impreza 2.5rs goldies.

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PDXLegoWagon 11-05-2012 10:22 AM

They will rub and they will not clear the lower perch. I had 225/60/16's on '03 Forester rims. Tried to mount them before switching over to the Forester struts and they wouldn't clear the spring perch. After switching struts, they cleared the perch but would rub on the rear fender every time the suspension was compressed (speed bumps, hard cornering.) Swapped out to 215/60/16 and they work great for every day driving but will rub when fully compressed. Side hill, left rear wheel off the ground type of compressed. This is on a 96 L wagon.

Kennyfvholla 11-05-2012 03:00 PM

Those tires are 7/8" wider than stock. 7/16" closer to the spring perch.

They are also 1 and 3/4" taller than stock. Exactly 7/8" closer to the spring perch.

Check those numbers and measure everything out. But if PDX here says he had them and it didn't work, then they probably don't.

SpecBamf41 11-05-2012 04:34 PM

get the specs of the stock wheels in one side, then the new in the other. i assume you know how to measure offset?

wagonista 11-05-2012 09:28 PM

Hell yes they fit. I have been running these since 2008.

PDXLegoWagon 11-05-2012 11:22 PM

The GT struts are the same dimensions as the L model. Outback models, however, are different and have a higher spring perch, thus allowing a taller tire to to clear the perch. Unless wagonista gave a GT an Outback paint job, we're talking about two different tolerances.

wagonista 11-06-2012 12:06 AM

It's got 04 STi struts. Dunno the clearance difference between those and the LGT, but I wouldn't be surprised if the LGT has a higher perch.

Thomistopheles 11-06-2012 12:44 AM


Originally Posted by wagonista (Post 4145994)
Hell yes they fit. I have been running these since 2008.

Yeeeeeesss! This gives me hope. Any chance you could get a photo showing the clearance between the bottom perch and the tire? I have 225/60/16s on my LL bean wheels, and I want to make sure I can still run that size when I put in my 03 WRX stuff.

Toallhisdoom 11-06-2012 06:29 AM

Hmm, so if they fit on the sti struts do you think they will fit with the kybs?

wagonista 11-06-2012 01:02 PM

I believe so. STi struts are made by KYB. They seem pretty similar to AGXs, just without the adjustability.

Toallhisdoom 11-06-2012 01:16 PM

hmmmmmmm, guess i could just try one and see what happens. lol

Kennyfvholla 11-06-2012 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by wagonista (Post 4147015)
I believe so. STi struts are made by KYB. They seem pretty similar to AGXs, just without the adjustability.

I thought that OE 04 STi struts are Bilstein (black STi struts) and that KYB makes a replacement strut, the AGX's (red STi struts).

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