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LegaWaga 10-22-2012 01:27 AM

BH Legacy to Outback Head Light Conversion, + HIDs
So I just learned the hard way that the 3rd gen outbacks do not use 9007 head lights like I assumed. My 2000 legacy does have the 9007s, and I just got in a plug and play HID kit. Now, I also have brand new housings for the outbacks, which is the look I prefer, and I see there are different connectors; ones that I cant match up at the parts store. Is the best option here to get the right pigtails from subaru and just wire it up, or is there some kind of plug and play setup I can work with?

Also, I would still like to also install an HID setup. The 9007s are a dual H/L beam, and it looks like the 9005s on the outback are not. Am I wrong? I see there is an additional H1 bulb in there that I assume is the high beam? I am sure someone here has installed an HID kit, so I am looking for some guidance here.

The first priority is getting the new outback lights plugged up and good to go though. HIDs I can add later.


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