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bluesuby 10-01-2012 04:31 PM

Replacing the Radiator
I decided to upgrade to a Mishimoto radiator to replace my slightly-leaking OEM radiator. Here are a few things I wish I knew before getting started.

The Mishimoto is a larger unit and you might worry about the fitment. No issues, although things get tight. You will have just enough coolant to do a 50/50 mix if you buy only one jug.

Things to remove which make this easier: Engine cover, the plastic intake to the air filter box, and the rubber air intake hose between the engine and air filter box. Also take off the coolant reservoir and put it aside.

When unplugging the electric fans remember there are connectors on each side of the fans, total of two. I would remove the upper radiator hose completely and the engine end of the lower hose. When you have the old radiator out, note the position of the lower hose and fit it to the Mishimoto radiator. It's easier to tighten it now than wait until it's in the car.

There were some tips about lubricating the hoses to make them fit the Mishimoto. I had no such issues, however I have aftermarket hoses installed when the timing belt/water pump was done 6 months ago. The top hose probably will need to be trimmed 1-2 inches. You will notice it will dip down into the electric fan housing on the passenger side if you don't trim. Spin the fan to test clearance. The two small hoses which run from the tank on top of the turbo will also need a little trim, just to keep them neat in the bracket.

I was very happy to find nothing to unbolt below the radiator, thus keeping the splash pan in place. Removal of the old radiator is nothing more than some bolt and hose removal. It lifts right out. Get some "mechanics gloves" if you can. A lot of sharp edges and abrasions in this work.

jshute 10-01-2012 08:15 PM

Sounds like some good tips. I hope to grab a mishimoto radiator as well.

bluesuby 10-02-2012 02:25 PM

Just wanted to add that when trimming the top hose, you trim the end which meets the engine. And despite running the motor while refilling the coolant, it did take 2 days of driving (about 75 miles) to "burp" the system. Just refill the reservoir tank a few times.

seymourless 07-31-2013 10:38 AM

Sorry to bump this, but I wanted to add another tip.

The stock upper hose is very close to the cooling fans and the pulleys. Make sure when replacing the hose, that you install the ends correctly. I thought it would not matter since I was trimming both ends. Make sure that you trim the end going to the engine at an angle, as that inlet is not perfectly straight with the front of the car. I have a close gap between the hose and the pulleys near the engine inlet, but I have been fine for a while now.

My first hose was too close to the electric fans, and over time the fan slowly nicked away from the hose, resulting in an unpleasant leak of hot coolant everywhere. Everything above is spot on, and I am happy with my mishimoto radiator so far!

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