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98legacy-gt 09-27-2012 02:18 PM

legacy gt need help tuning!
I have a 98 Subaru legacy gt with a 2.5 non-turbo in it
and I would like some guidence on what to do for proformance gains
like from CAI's or drop ins to which type of clutch I should put in it next
without wasting my money on some ghetto tuner shit.
any suggestions from experience?

DOHCEJ22E1 09-27-2012 03:17 PM

The very first thread is where you will find a lot of your info.

iSooby 09-27-2012 08:45 PM

You're gonna learn the cold hard truth here soon... there is no such thing as a "drop in performance gain" in an ej25 such as ours. Most people go.the ej20 swap route if they're really dying for the HP. a few popular things tho to give it a little more pep consist of: ej22 heads? Cams to give it a little more low end, snorkus delete and CAI(although it doesn't do much), and headers and exhaust to really bring.out that low scooby rumble:)

Most 2nd Gen owners(as far as I know) stick to suspension mods. Help it grab around those corners better than in already does.

Either way... if you wanna make a 2nd Gen LGT race car.. you're gonna need alot of dedication and $$$$$ lololol I found this out the hard way.

Edit: but yes as the man above me said, I highly suggest reading the stickies at the top of the page... lots of REALLY useful knowledge in there. Its a good base for deciding what you really wanna do with your car

broknindarkagain 09-29-2012 06:54 PM

I made those threads because it has all the answers to this kind of stuff.

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