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blklgt05 09-19-2012 01:27 AM

blklgt05's 2010 LGT Journal
2010 RRP Legacy 2.5GT Ltd
LAST UPDATE - 3.7.2018
COBB Accessport V3-003
- Simple-Lock Car Air Vent Holder Mount for COBB V3
Invidia 3" Catted Downpipe
Invidia 3" Q300 Catback Exhaust (Flat Black Thermal Coated)
- Kartboy 12mm PU Exhaust Hangers x5 (regular length)
Racer-X TMIC
Racer-X Chargepipe
Perrin Coupler
Synapse BPV (anodized red cap)
DW200 FuelPump
AEM DryFlow non-oil Syn Air Filter [28-20304]
HKS Intake Funnel
OEM Turbo Ported by Adan at AQ Motorsports
Protuned by Shawn and Daniel at Church Automotive
Optima YellowTop D35 Battery
Aluminium Battery Tie (anodized red)
Aluminium Engine Oil Cap (anodized red)
Project Mu Reservoir Cover x2
IAG AOS Street Series [IAG-ENG-7151BK]
Maintenance + Intervals
Schaeffer's Supreme 9000 @3,750mi [5W-40, 1gal+1qt]
Tokyo Roki Oil Filter @3,750mi [N3R1-14-302]
- FilterMAG [SS250PR]
Beck/Arnley Cabin Filter @1year [Carbon type, 34 pleats, 042-2189]
NGK Iridium Step Colder Plugs @30,000mi [LFR7AIX#2309 / GP 0.025]
Subaru Super Blue Coolant @30,000mi [2 gal]
Subaru Coolant Conditioner @30,000mi [4.4 fl oz]
Motul Gear 300 tranny/rear diff @30,000mi [5 liters]
Motul RBF660 @30,000mi (3 pints full flush, 2 pints to bleed)
Bilstein/GTWORX Monotube Dampers
Swift Sport Springs [THREAD]
SPC Performance Rear Adjustable Camber Arm [67660]
AVO Front Lower Control Arm Positive Castor Polyurethane Bushings
Whiteline Roll Center Kit [KCA313]
Whiteline Front Adjustable Sway Bar, 24mm [BSF41Z] (set @24.5mm)
- Whiteline Adjustable Ball Socket Front Endlinks [KLC139]
Whiteline Rear Adjustable Sway Bar, 22mm [BSR49XZ] (set @23mm)
- Rallitek HD Rear Endlinks
Megan Racing Front Strut Bar
Ultra Racing Rear Strut Bar
Perrin Rear Subframe Lockdown
Suspension (Retired)
Koni Yellow Adjustable Dampers (assembled by GTEASER)
- Subtle Solutions Nose Dive Spacers [3/8"]
- APEXi Japan Serrated Bolts x6 [M8X1.25, L=33MM] (longer studs/replace front tophat studs)
OEM Subaru 19mm RSB
Perrin Steering Dampener Lockdown
Perrin Brass Shifter Bushing Kit + Subaru Washer from NickPalmBeach
Perrin Short Shift Adapter
Kartboy Shift Stop
Clutch Damper Delete
Whiteline Transmission Member Bushings [KDT901]
Whiteline Rear Diff Positive kit [KDT903]
Raceseng Ashiko 735g Shift Knob
ACT Clutch [SB5-HDSS]
-OEM Subaru Single-Mass Flywheel [12342AA090]
-TSK-3 SS Snout Kit
Wheels & Tires
- 19x8.5 +45mm 5x100
Michelin Pilot Super Sport
- 245/40/ZR19 XL/300/AA/A
Dorman TPMS Sensors x4 [974-029]
Eight Prince Hubcentric 15mm Spacers [M12x1.25mm / 56.1mm bore hubrings]
Aluminum Hubcentric Rings [72.6mm OD to 56.1mm ID] (wheel specific)
2015 STI Calipers [F & R Pair]
DBA T3 ClubSpec 4000 Series Slotted Rotors
Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads
GiroDisc Anti-Noise Shims [#1001 / #961]
Goodridge SS Brake Lines [#24220]
Master Cylinder Brace
Wheels and Tires (Retired)
Rays Lug Nuts & Locks Set
DBA Slotted T2 Rotors
- F 2650S / R 2659S
Hawks HPS 5.0 Pads
PU Roof Spoiler
JDM PU Rear Spoiler
JDM Badge Layout [THREAD]
Ceramic Tint 50% WS / 15% All Around
OEM Subaru Folding Mirror Kit
Subaru Legacy Front License Plate Bracket
Primitive Racing Skid Plate [3/16"]
Tow Hook Adjustable License Plate Mount
IKON Rear Diffuser (Gloss Black)
OEM 2013-14 Facelift Front Bumper
-OEM 2013-14 Tow Cover
-OEM 2013-14 Bumper Absorber
-OEM 2013-14 Fog Light Bezel (Bezel Chrome Wrapped in Glossy Black)
-OEM Front Bumper Center Cover
-SunTek Clear Bra
CMOD 2013-14 Sports Grille
-SunTek Clear Bra
-Custom ABS Honeycomb Grille Mesh
-OEM 2013-14 Subaru Emblem
ikonmotorsports 2013-14 Front Lip Spoiler
-STI Lip Spoiler Emblem
Exterior (Retired)
RBS Grille
Bayson R Motorsports JDM PU Front Lip
Window Trim Vinyl Wrapped (Matte Black) [THREAD]
BumperPlugs (D1T / Body Color)
OEM 13' Headlights
Morimoto Retro-Quik Legacy Kit
- Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 Bi-Xenon Projectors
- Legacy Brackets & Hardware
- Amber Reflector Delete
- Updated bulb holder for new XB bulbs
Morimoto 3Five HID [XB35 Ballast with external igniters, 35w, H1, XB 6500K Bulbs +HD Relay]
Baja Designs Squadron Sport's Quad LED Foglights (Lens Type: Wide-Cornering Amber, 1800 lm per side)
-Rally Innovations H11 Harness and Bracket
Auxbeam F-S3 LED DRL/High [6000K, 9005, Philips CSP, 4000 lumen per bulb]
License Plate LED OE Housing Replacements (5000K, 24 SMD LED)
eBay Front Parking Lights x2 [JDM Yellow, 194]
eBay Front Side Markers x2 [JDM Yellow, 194]
vLED V3 Triton LED System x2 sets [Amber] (front & rear signals, non-switchback type)
- 7440 Base Adapters x2
vLED V6 Triton LED System x2 sets [Red, 7443]
- 6OHm Load Resistor x1
- Quad Brake Light Mod (thanks todd3.6) [THREAD]
vLED Reverse Lights x2 [5000K, 15 LED, 921]
OEM Puddle Lights Kit
Interior Daylight Mod [THREAD]
- vLED Maps/Dome Lights x3 [Warm White, 48 LED, Custom Square LED Board]
- vLED Front Door Step Lights x2 [5000K, 4 LED, 194, Flank Type]
- vLED Rear License Plate Lights [5000K, 4 LED, 194]
DIY Custom Trunk vLED Lighting [THREAD]
- 5000K Alu Bar Strip Lights x3 [3 Chip/15 vLED]
- DIY-2 LED 194 Base Adapter
- DIY-2 LED Multi Board Y-Adapter Daisy Chain x2
- DIY-2 Wire Extension 12"
Lighting (Retired)
JDM Theme Black Housing 2010 OEM Legacy Headlights
Morimoto 2Stroke LED DRL/High [6000K, 9005, CREE XHP50 LEDs, 5000 lumen per bulb]
Nokya Hyper Yellow H9 Bulbs (modified to fit OEM H11 harness) [THREAD]
Nokya Hyper Yellow 9005 High Beam Bulbs
Pilot 7440A Chrome F/R Signal Bulbs x4 (modified to fit) [THREAD]
Morimoto XB Led Foglights [5500K, H11 adapter]
- Lamin-X Clear Custom Foglight Films [DIY cut to fit]
Morimoto 3Five HID [H11A XB 3000K Bulbs] (fog lights)
Morimoto 3Five HID [DSP Ballasts, 35w, H1 XB35 4300K Bulbs +HD Relay] (low beams)
PIAA Ion Yellow Front Parking Lights
PIAA Ion Yellow Side Parking Lights
vLED Front Parking Lights x2 [HVA, 4 LED curved, 194, Flank-Type]
vLED Front Side Markers [Amber, 4 LED Type, 194, Flank Type]
vLED Front Parking Lights [5000K, 4 LED, 194, Flank Type]
vLED License Plate Lights x2 [HO, 5000K, 6 LED, 194, 360]
OEM 10' Fog Light Kit
- Lamin-X Yellow Universal Films, cut to cover entire fog lens. [THREAD]
- iJDMTOY LED Fog Lights [3000K, H11, Samsung 2x20W COB LED @ 1800 lumen per bulb]
vLED Platinum Brake Lights x4 [Red, 21 LED, 7443]
Navigation DVD Bypass
OEM Subaru STI Pedal Kit
Interior Trim wrapped in 3M-DINOC Carbon Fiber [THREAD]
ProClip LGT pillar mount, phone holder with Lightning cable mount for iPhone
DIY Bucket Seats [THREAD]
JDM OE Coin Box (Replaces Interior Fuse Cover)
Suede Leather Steering Wrap
Schroth Rallye 4 ASM Racing Harness
Hella Supertones
Hella Sharptones
- Subimods Quadzilla Mount
- Subimods Quad Hella Horn Harness [kit for most Subarus]
Escort Redline Radar Detector
- Stealth Wire [THREAD]
PAPAGO P1 PRO FHD Dash Cam x2 (Front/Rear)
-Dash Cam Dual Portable Battery Power Mod
Safe-T-Stop Adjustable 3rd Brake Light Pulsating Control Module
SmartTap CF18 [LM449]
Parts to be Installed

blklgt05 09-19-2012 01:27 AM





blklgt05 09-19-2012 01:27 AM

blklgt05 09-19-2012 01:28 AM

Low: Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 Bi-Xenon Projectors, XB35 Ballasts, XB 4500K, 3500 lm per bulb.
Fog: iJDMtoy 40W Samsung dual COB LED, 3000K Amber Yellow, 1800 lm per bulb.

Projector High: Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 Bi-Xenon Projectors, 3500 lm per bulb.
High/DRL: Morimoto 2Stroke, CREE XHP50 LEDs, 6000K, 5000 lm per bulb.

vLED Parking Lights, HVA 4 LED curved, flank-type.
vLED Side Markers, HVA 4 LED, flank-type.

Quad High: Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-Xenon + 2Stroke, est. 17k lm

Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 +XB35 Ballasts and XB 4500K H1 bulbs, cut-off line 1

Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 +XB35 Ballasts and XB 4500K H1 bulbs, cut-off line 2

Syndicate 09-19-2012 05:21 AM

...easily one of my favorite LGTs here, you've got a really clean ride.

eckseleven 09-19-2012 06:04 AM

^+1. Damn, I want the grill in white.

acumenhokie 09-19-2012 06:11 AM

Looks great! Car looks so much better with the JDM spoiler. :)

Blizzard 09-19-2012 06:16 AM

I like the jdm spoiler. Was that a japanparts purchase?

Gborja888 09-19-2012 05:09 PM

Wow, so much mods you've done to your car! Also one of my favorite LGT in this site.

minuccims 09-19-2012 05:53 PM

Jdm spoiler, nice. Car looking sharp. Great journal.

MN3.6R 09-19-2012 06:02 PM

Love the car! I just joined this forum and would love to do some of this to my 2011 Ruby Red 3.6R

Philberto 09-19-2012 07:04 PM

Your mod choices are impeccable. Stunning example of a 5th gen.

blklgt05 09-19-2012 11:20 PM


Originally Posted by eckseleven (Post 4077970)
^+1. Damn, I want the grill in white.

RBS guy don't make it anymore, but you can find the similar one on ebay if you search JDM Subaru Legacy Grille 2010.

Originally Posted by acumenhokie (Post 4077976)
Looks great! Car looks so much better with the JDM spoiler. :)

Thx man, looks like you're not the only one anymore. :lol:


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Post 4077986)
I like the jdm spoiler. Was that a japanparts purchase?

Hanger (Michael) got it for me, he has the connections and they shipped pretty fast.

GeraldG 09-19-2012 11:31 PM

I remember when your car was one of the first 5th gens with swifts and everyone was checking it out at the meet. Car looks even better now!

GEE-OTTO 09-19-2012 11:52 PM

How much power you making with that new uh back pipe/exit pipe/down pipe :)

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