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ColdBore 08-03-2012 12:23 AM

Cold Bore's 08 DGM LGT
( not completed, will have pics from the build and the INCIDENT that slowed my progress and tons of new pictures....also these are ALL crappy cell phone pics. My girl is going to take her camera and gimme a photoshoot asap, God love her):rolleyes:

Figured I should put my progress somewhere, everyone else does :lol:

2008 DGM Legacy GT Limited 5 MT

EJ257 Forged Pistons
AEM CAI ( I know, its mostly aesthetic)
TGV Delete
Invidia 3" Divorced DP
Exedy Stage 1 Clutch and LWFW
Racer X FMIC
Synapse BPV
White line rear sway
STi STS w/ Perrin Bushings
NGK 1 Step Colder plugs
Cobb AP
Protuned @ TPG Tuning

Purchased,not installed
AMR CXR 500 ( Me Boosta )
Invidia UP
Differential Bushings

18x8 Axis Sport Xcite's wrapped in RS3-A (was RS3-S...we'll get to that)
Custom Headlights by IDRVSLO
  • Cleared
  • Stealthed
  • Switchbacks
  • 6000k Morimoto HID's
  • TSX Lens upgrades
  • Blue Demon Eyes
Custom painted tails Black/Blue

Blacked out
  • Mirror turn signals
  • Bumper reflectors
  • Fog bezels
  • Hood scoop
  • Grille
Custom Front Plate and License plate holder by Doc Designs
  • 35% side windows
  • 20% back window ( not currently on...will be reapplied soon..)
    Partial Debadge

Purchased but not installed

Diode Dynamics Blue License plate lights Stage 3 ( weighing legality vs. looks)
Multiple Doc Designs Vinyl overlays as well as a few other sources
Blue tuner lugs

WC Lathe Works Aluminum Spherical 5 SPD laser etched Shift Knob ( was suppose to be blue, but was not as advertised. getting it powder coated blue)

Glowshift Tinted 7 series gauges
  • Boost
  • Air/Fuel
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
Perrin Steering Column Gauge pod holds Boost and A/F
Custom Cubby Pod holds EGT/Oil Pres.
Stage 3 Blue LED interior kit by Diode Dynamics
Weather tech full set of floor mats

Purchased, not installed
2nd steering wheel to be sent out to be be wrapped in Italian leather and blue stitching in a set to match an new shift and e-brake boot
Few vinyls again

Rough plans
I still wanna lower the girl. Just not sure on how low, what company, what method. Blah Blah blah.
As I stated the interior leather thing.
The woman & I are gonna custom paint the wood grain and center console. Either blacked out with a blue Dragon, or blacked out with Digital blue camo ( she's an artist:) )
Obviously I wanna throw that AMR turbo in, with 750's, fuel pump upgrade, the UP.
Im afraid of over powering my tranny so I may get it rebuilt or replaced.
Moore performance in Pittsburgh and I are in talks to test fir a LGT exhaust because at the moment the do not sell one. I'm thinking i personally wanna end up with blue ceramic wrapped straight pipes with Onyx tips ( possibly single exit) But I'm undecided.

and a boat load of other things like shrouds from Subtle and hydro dipping the 2.5 GT badge, front sway, bushings, blah blah blah ;)

I'm open to suggestions and comments as always. Now with the Pictures.

Day I Got her towed home, Bought her in Decemer 2011 from a dealer in OH, motor noise turned out to be a rod as predicted. spun the bearing 10 miles from the dealer and waited 3 hours for a tow back to Pittsburgh dont expect these to be in order haha)

First day on the road and I didn't even get to drive ( February 2012)

Making my girl put one of my bolts on my BPV because my hand wouldn't fit ( they match :rolleyes: )

Quick snap of me after putting my wheels on, feeling like a whole new ride image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 960x541 and weights 66KB.

The gauge set-up (prior to hooking them up)
With the interior lights on image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 960x541 and weights 41KB.

Sporting the Doc plate. it reads Legacy 08 in Kanji ( which turns ourt is the children's form of Japanesese... and octane which is my nickname at work (and seeminly every where else since a photo of me and a budddy went viral) image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 960x541 and weights 53KB.
Painted my tails and got all cleaned up for the first night of teh Wexford Starlite Cruises

ColdBore 08-03-2012 12:24 AM

Some build pics

The speed demon at night at our hang out back in Du Bois, PA

Bored at a detail

Both my girls

Some group shots
( needs some engine bay work :) )

YourConfused 08-03-2012 01:11 AM

Look'n good!

(Cars not bad either)

ColdBore 08-03-2012 10:41 AM

13 Attachment(s)
This is the incident I was referring to, a few months ago some trash decided that they would take an ax to my car because they were to afraid to confront me face to face even though they COMPLETELY out numbered me and my 2 friends..but that's today's world.


bmx045 08-03-2012 10:42 AM

what pistons did you put in?

red x's on the post above

ColdBore 08-03-2012 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by bmx045 (Post 4011359)
what pistons did you put in?

red x's on the post above

i forget what the shop put in. I bought the SB from a shop in december. on mine :mad:

.:Catalyst:. 08-03-2012 12:11 PM

Pics aren't working for me either (although they are blue ?'s on the Mac ;) ).

ColdBore 08-03-2012 01:10 PM

I uploaded them instead , better?

bmx045 08-03-2012 01:12 PM

what did you do to deserve that retaliation?

BarManBean 08-03-2012 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by bmx045 (Post 4011594)
what did you do to deserve that retaliation?

ColdBore 08-03-2012 01:14 PM

oh you know, being black.

bmx045 08-03-2012 01:15 PM


ColdBore 08-03-2012 01:15 PM

Yeah, racism is alive and well.

.:Catalyst:. 08-03-2012 01:17 PM

Sigh... sorry man - that's just plain ridiculous.

ColdBore 08-03-2012 01:19 PM

I'm use to it, I grew up in a white town. But fights are one takes a real bitch to touch any mans car.

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