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Ovcoursitsilver 03-30-2012 06:39 AM

Parts and Service in Daytona

Just arrived in DBS from the frozen North and I need to do some work on the brakes on my 2005 LGT. I had the brakes serviced at my local Subaru dealership before leaving home last week; they replaced a seized front caliper with a rebuilt unit and told me the one year old rotors were fine.

On the way down the brakes started vibrating badly everytime I used them over 60 mph. Now they they're grinding and putting out a whole lot of brake dust even at low speeds. I need to fix this before heading back home in a couple of weeks.

This really bothers me. The car has only 90K kilometres (55K mi) on it and I'm on my third set of rotors. None of my other cars, which I drive the same way, have ever need their first brake jobs before 50K mi.

Anyway, I'm looking for a place in the Daytona area to buy/order in some decent non-Subaru brake parts. Maybe some aftermarket slotted rotors might stand up better. I used Hawk pads on the first rebuild but it seems the Subaru rotors are the weak link.

Can anyone point me to a good shop in the Daytona area where they can get me parts and maybe service for my Subaru?

jmorris6689 04-03-2012 12:43 AM

I'll try to remember to ask my friend tomorrow who lives in Orlando about where to get some but of you can get some dba rotors. I was having similar problems with the stock rotors I switch to some dba rotors and it solved alot of the legacys braking disabilities. But pretty much any REPUTABLE aftermarket performance rotor should be a vast improvement from the stock ones.

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