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Hoojammyflip 03-26-2012 07:52 AM

Can Subaru 'official' bluetooth unit play music from phone?
I managed to get hold of a Subaru bluetooth module - SEDEYA6001 - looks like a Parrot CK3000 Evolution.

I have fitted it in my '04 JDM 2.0GT SpecB and it seems to work fine with the phone in 'phone mode' but does not play anything when in 'phone playing music mode' - is there a way round this?

Are there any known tricks or mods to this kit? Can I use it as an upgrade 'cheat' to save shelling out for the MKi9200 or such like? The microphone and head unit interupt and stuff are all in there...


Mick :D

nemo 03-26-2012 08:07 AM

:munch: never knew about this module. Where did you end up getting it from?

Hoojammyflip 03-26-2012 08:14 AM

Got it on ebay - brand new, Subaru dealer 'clear out' - only 30 :D

Was worth a go for that - and it seems fine for it's original design purpose - I'm just wondering (like we Subaru enthusiasts do ;) ) if I can get a little more out of it :lol:

ssbtech 03-26-2012 11:29 AM

I'm more interested in knowing why his clock is in pieces on the dash :lol:

IIRC, the Parrot unit tells the factory head unit that there's a call coming in, then the headunit switches to the Parrot input. But I don't think it is a stereo input, so you likely wouldn't enjoy "streaming" music from your phone.

Nemo, it wouldn't work in your car anyway - Subaru dropped the phone feature from the head unit after 2006/7 I think and used the pins in the harness for an aux-in. I may be wrong on that.

Hoojammyflip 03-26-2012 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by ssbtech (Post 3816030)
I'm more interested in knowing why his clock is in pieces on the dash :lol:

:redface: Poor old clock/fuel 'economy' ;) guage is struggling... see here...

Resoldered some resistors... it worked fine for a few weeks, but has started misbehaving again :confused:

Thanks for the info on the Parrot :)

Hoojammyflip 03-28-2012 04:58 AM


Found an app on android market BTmono! :cool:

It's a bit clunky to use but it does work... Good enough for the moment anyway ;)

Thanks for your interest...

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