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Vinny78 01-02-2012 06:11 PM

Lowering springs
I recently purchased a pair of your lowering springs. I installed them my self at the Subaru dealership i work at with the head tech who has been with subaru for over 30 years. I also installed brand new oem struts. I was very happy with the way the ride height looked, but the springs make noise, yes they are installed right!! Im very unhappy with the springs. I recently put car on lift to look everything over and see what the deal is, the top of the spring actually compresses to much and the top coils hit or rub causing the noise. not sure if mine are defective , but id appreciate a response back, i pm you guys and never heard anything back. I was gonna recently buy sway bars from you guys but probably will not after having the problem with the springs. Dont meaan to come off ignorant just want problem taken care of.

Thanks Vinny

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