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Subhuman 09-07-2011 11:24 AM

Wtt: For turbo stuff - wa
Looking to find someone who want's to donate their old turbo stuff for a good cause (my Bluebaru). I'd love to know what what boost feels like so just think of it as an investment like a crack dealer giving out free samples at kindergarten :D

Seriously (I'm broke),
Shipping is about all I can afford right now but anyone needing to empty out their garage of some old Subie power stuff I would be forever in your debt.

Below is a list of stuff I have and am willing to trade (all USDM OEM 2nd gen OBw/3rd gen Leggy unless otherwise noted):

Full AC including condenser
Full set of cloth seats incl headrests (wagon non side airbags or child seat)
Momo (yellow badge) steering wheel airbag (no wheel just airbag in great shape)
Stock steering wheel and airbag
Headlight assemblies (left and right) cleared with bulbs
16" alloy rims (all four for 1997 LOB)
All four springs
Radiator and fans
RHD AC compressor
JDM stock (1997 Leggy) headers
Climate control unit (2.5L manual)
Faux wood trim set (front right and both rear door switch sets, fog, cruise, and window heater panel and switches, and radio trim with cutouts for extra switches)
Roof cross braces (1997 LOB)
Forester JDM red emergency flashers button
Front seat warming buttons
JDM Rev D grill (new in box) WILL NOT FIT STOCK OB WAGONS
Map light/sunglasses overhead console
2 blank laser cut transmitter keys
JDM lamp leveller switch (roller wheel type)
JDM lamp leveller switch (6 pin dial type)
JDM L7 grill (medium height type and without L7 badge) LEAVES A SMALL GAP BETWEEN BOTTOM OF GRILL AND TOP OF BUMPER ON OB WAGONS

PIA 520 ion crystal fog set (w/o wires)
Gentex auto dimming compass mirror (without harness)
Green air filter

Bluebaru in desperate need of your help:

michiganSOOB 09-15-2011 07:19 PM

thit is quite possibly the most tastefully done OB ive ever seen good luck with finding turbo stuff

Subhuman 09-15-2011 09:18 PM


alexandermf 09-16-2011 11:11 AM

where/what type/how much was that light bar, its sooo sick

Subhuman 09-16-2011 12:36 PM

Thanks Alex!

The brand is Aires and I got it off of eBay. It was originally for a 2010 Forester. I figured I would have to modify it but hoped it would be close to fitting and I could weld something up. Ideally I'd like to have two attachment points on each side but for now I have only one per. If I had to do it again, I'd probably pickup a Westin bar for a 4Runner. The Westin brackets appear to be much more heavy duty than the Aires and the shape of the 4Runner bar appears to be a closer match to my 2nd gen OBw/

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