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Bbc84 04-03-2011 03:10 PM

Bleeding Wheels
Before, during and after wheel cleaning.

skeirc16 04-03-2011 03:58 PM

looking good! what did you use to clean them?

Bbc84 04-03-2011 04:05 PM

Sonax wheel cleaner, kinda pricey, but seems to work good on the baked on brake dust from the brembos.

GTLEGACY007 04-03-2011 04:20 PM

wow, looks nice.

Bbc84 05-13-2011 11:08 PM

93turbo2 05-14-2011 11:32 AM

So did you have to scrub them a bit or you just let them sit and hose them off?

Bbc84 05-14-2011 01:14 PM

I just give it a wipe with a damp cloth before i rinse it off, no scrubbing needed.

BigBlack-V 05-16-2011 12:44 PM

i picked up 4-5 bottles of that sonax stuff and ended up returning 3 of them it really didnt work all that well IMO

Bbc84 05-16-2011 12:47 PM

it works pretty well for my brake dust issues with Brembos and axxis ults. It could be maybe i sealed my wheels with Klasse too.

BigBlack-V 05-16-2011 12:52 PM

i really like your wheels they would look so nice on my QSM spec.B and they even clear a BBK which I need. Do you have anymore pics of your wheels on the car? Also do you mind if I ask how much they cost, you can PM me if you want.


bmx045 05-16-2011 01:13 PM

I use windex antibacterial. :lol: works good, plus I can use it on EVERYTHING.

Windy Road 05-16-2011 02:08 PM

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