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BagheeraLGT 02-02-2010 10:12 PM

Gauge Help
Hey guys, looking for some quick help. I havent rly been around the forums much lately but would like to get a nice gauge setup and dont rly have much time to scrummage around.

Id like to mount 2 gauges - Boost & Oil Pressure in the nav cubby. Could you post a couple links where i could get these gauges (reasonably priced) that match the stock cluster pretty closely. Also, I have no idea where i could get the mount to hold the gauges in the cubby.

Any help is appreciated. Looking forward to getting this set up. Thanks in advance!!

KyLegacy 2.5GT 02-03-2010 02:37 PM

I used the Autometer ES series Boost and Trans Temp gauges. I purchased them at for about $70 each. The match the red lights in the cars interior very well, see below:

I bought the cubby from

Darkness of Death 02-03-2010 03:41 PM

or you can buy the prosport gauges. those seem to be popular

GULLABLE0NE 02-03-2010 04:13 PM

is it possible to buy the autometer ES series booost/vac in white (boost/vac only comes in white for that series) and change the lighting to red?

GULLABLE0NE 02-03-2010 04:16 PM

bagheeral i ordered the jcpods cubby pod last week but havent received it yet you can pm the member NYRM98, he is the manufacturer of the pods. im ordering an aem wideband guage and hopefully this autometer boost/vac if i can change the color to red.

BagheeraLGT 02-03-2010 05:49 PM

appreciate the info guys. ive looked at all the gauges mentioned and they all would do the trick for me. Im happy as long as they light up red/white for the most part.

KyLegacy, how are yours mounted in the cubby? did you buy the bracket which mounts in the cubbby to anchor them or just mount them without the bracket. judging by the link it looks like u got the mount, but its hard to tell in the pics.

BagheeraLGT 02-03-2010 05:59 PM

^put the order in for the cubby mount. now, just need to select a couple gauges. boost & oil pressure i think is what im going for. dont rly need oil temp cause i dont track my car or drive hard for *excessive periods of time*. Would an A/F be more suitable for myself? I will be going stage II shortly (STI UP, Cobb DP) and have a Cobb SF intake. thatll be it for my performance mods prolly. I dont think trans temp is rly necessary in a manual. other suggestions?

subiedad51 02-03-2010 06:08 PM

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I've got the Prosport Boost and Oil Pressure. I've attached a cell phone pic but it will give you an idea. They're pretty inexpensive and work well.

KyLegacy 2.5GT 02-03-2010 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by BagheeraLGT (Post 2813717)
KyLegacy, how are yours mounted in the cubby? did you buy the bracket which mounts in the cubbby to anchor them or just mount them without the bracket. judging by the link it looks like u got the mount, but its hard to tell in the pics.

I bought the cubby mount from the jcspods website. Basically, you will end up taking out the bottom section of your cubby and place the new mount in. The cubby pod comes with instructions on how to disassemble the cubby and place in the new components. The only problem I had was there is a brace in the dash behind the cubby area. It is made of plastic, but it interferes with any mechanical gauge since the connections have to come straight out the back. I just made a relief cut in the brace for my boost gauge (the adapter fittings interfered with the brace). Other than that everything else was simple. If you have any questions on how to run any of the wires/gauges, you can pm me. I have a 5EAT, so there is a large blank rubber grommet where the clutch linkage normally goes through the firewall on a manual car. I just put a hole in the grommet and ran my vacuum line and wires through.

For the gauges, I have always liked Autometer. In my head, I saw three levels of gauges: Top (Delfi) Middle (Autometer) Bottom (Prosport). To me prosport is the ebay knockoff version of the delfi gauge, but if you would rather have a $45 gauge right off the bat, you will most likely have to spend another $45 to replace it soon :). Autometer is the way to go if you ask me, they have tons of styles, just check them out at their website, they even show you what they look like at night.

BagheeraLGT 02-04-2010 11:31 AM

I like the looks of autometer for sure and would have no problem mounting 2wo of them in my cubby. Just gotta narrow down which two. Boost & ____________ is where im at now.

Oil Pressure, A/F ratio are my likely candidates. Any suggestions/advice here? Im stock now with a Cobb SF intake and am planning to go STGII in the near future if that should shape my decision at all....

GULLABLE0NE 02-04-2010 11:57 AM

i went with the a/f wideband so i know if im running rich or not, i plan on going open source tuned soon so it should serve helpful to me. look into non-stock intakes on stock or cobb ots maps causing maf issues and running lean.

also how is the sways and springs treating you in this winter weather we've been getting?

it looks like you removed your cubby door. did the door close after the guage pod install or no?

KyLegacy 2.5GT 02-04-2010 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by GULLABLE0NE (Post 2814711)
it looks like you removed your cubby door. did the door close after the guage pod install or no?

The cubby door is still there, it closes over the gauges just like normal. I think that this is the best places for the gauges since nothing really has to be cut or permanently damaged. It also conceals your gauges when you leave your car in a bad area or when you have to deal with the Po-Po.

I've got Rallitek springs and sways on my car and they have been doing awesome in the snow and winter months. We just had 8" of snow on Saturday and the Legacy handled it like a champ.

BagheeraLGT 02-06-2010 12:47 AM

The sways and springs are pretty good overall. Not too much weather tho, i would say. Ive only had the delight to wake up early 2/3 times and do some snow doughnuts this season. Im hoping for 3 more good snowfalls.

My front endlinks went (a week after install of my sways), so i orderd kartboy links F&R. The fronts are replaced and I have yet to do rears. They need it tho. Im hearing a clunk and a squeak back there, so i believe i need to swap out more than just my links. Im hoping i dont, but i fear ill have to replace the 'new' struts i picked up off of a member. They only have 30K and are KYB, so id imagine my tien h techs didnt kill them already, as theyve probably only been installed for 5-7K. We shall see though.

As for my gauge scenario, im waiting on the bracket for the cubby to ship and will most likely be putting in an order for autometer boost and oil P this weekend. i just wanna spend a few more hours looking for other options, but i am fairly certain ill settle on autometer. they look like they match well, but seem to be somewhat expensive. i found a brand - ghostshift- i think, and they seem to look pretty cool and are about half the price of autometer.

ric_cfs 01-21-2013 07:28 PM

carbon fiber guage pod
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Hello All,
Don't no is you all are still looking for a gauge pod that goes in the cubby. If so i have your solutions, i have made a carbon fiber gauge pod that angles 2 gauge towards the driver. I have it in my legacy gt 05 and looks great. If people want then ill sell them for $100

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